The Tron Foundation recently organized an event to move closer to the student community. It organized the “TRON to The Future, Blockchain Technology and Ecosystem” event, in association with global blockchain crowd selling incubator platform DOGI at China’s prestigious Peking University. Over 200 students attended the event along with blockchain industry leaders to spread more awareness about the breakthrough technology.

Spreading Awareness About Blockchains

The event invited several opinion leaders in the industry as guests and keynote speakers to the event. Among the speakers were Tron’s development community VP, Cong Li, DOGI founder Yongquan Xiao, Evolution Capital partner Quan Li, Huobi Research Institute’s Yufei Ding, Cell Evolution producer Xiao Wu and special-term tutor for finance at Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Binsheng Wang.

Members of the blockchain research team of Peking University, Master student Kunpeng Ren and Ph.D. student Junyan Chen also spoke at the event.

Cong Li introduced the Tron ecosystem to the gathering, talking about its unique benefits and development history. He also narrated how Tron solves the problem of thoughtput, costs, and scalability. He also spoke about Project Atlas, Tron’s ambitious new project which combines BitTorrent’s P2P network with blockchain to make a decentralized platform for content distribution.

Yongquan Xiao, on the other hand, focused on blockchain based games and DOGI’s vision for the segment. He said:

“Blockchain has established a set of stable and transparent rules. The rules themselves set up concrete constraints on the number of items in the game, the production mechanism, the growth mechanism of players and the gameplay mechanism. These rules are becoming the rules that players can truly trust and rely on.”

Making Blockchain Fun

The second half covered the practical application of blockchain tech. Xiao Wu demonstrated blockchain based games while the University’s own student Junyan Chen talked about side chain and pan-blockchain ecosystems. Tron also announced that it would spend $100 million towards blockchain games development over the next three years.

Tron is currently listed as the 9th cryptocurrency by market cap, according to CoinMarketCap, still some way off the top 5 cryptocurrencies.

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