Tron, one of the most actively followed blockchain protocols published its 46th weekly report of 2018 on Dec. 3rd, where the blockchain protocol brought to light what it had achieved during the previous week.

The report touched on Tron’s single-day transaction number reaching a new milestone, its native token, the TRX was listed on another exchange, they were covered in the media a lot, and gained 4000 new followers. The weekly reports continue to show that Tron is gaining more ground, attracting more users to its platform, and inching closer to gaining widespread adoption. However, TRX remains a long way from the top 5 cryptocurrencies by market cap.

Market Data and Communities

Tron continued to pile the pressure on competitors after making a new record of its transaction number which reached 1.84 million, nearly tripling Ethereum’s transaction number sitting at 670,000.  After Nov. 10th, Tron marked a new milestone after single-day transaction number over the whole network reached 1.36 million, surpassing Ethereum’s highest figure of 1.34 million reached during the bull market.

After its MainNet launch, Tron’s TRX has been listed on several exchanges and in the past week, Coinsuper, a cryptocurrency exchange-listed TRX and added the TRX/USD trading pair.

In the space of one week after the announcement of the Tron Accelerator developer plan, the online contest has been followed by more than 4,000 people and mentioned by 40 media agencies. In the developer community, two community moderators were recruited on Discord. TronStation, a web app that estimates energy and bandwidth on the Tron network, released a minor update.

Justin Sun, the founder of Tron wrote an article on Weibo stating that 80 Dapps will be launched on Tron in the space of one month. Tron is expected to grow by 400% in December.

Development and Partnership

Cobo Wallet is working with Tron to strengthen the development of Tron’s ecosystem. Math Wallet, a secure cross-chain wallet has added support for Tron’s MainNet. TronDice, one of the leading and popular games on Tron’s network was launched on Cobo Wallet’s newest version.

SpiderStore and Tron have forged a deep partnership allowing Dapps built on the Tron network to be found on SpiderStore’s discovery section.

Tron confirmed that Sam Harrison, a managing partner at Blockchain will speak at the 2019 niTron Summit in San Francisco – the same event where the winners of the Tron Accelerator plan will be announced.

DappRadar, a leading tool in Dapp market and data analysis has listed Tron’s Dapps and tracking related data.

Tron is now a verified member of Binance’s Binance Info, a blockchain data platform that enables users to get timely and real-time information about various projects.

Tron’s technical development team completed the addition of database-related unit test, the testing of Transfer Token and tokenBalance functions, and the increase of the Token name duplication mechanism. The team is still working on optimizing the logic of the synchronization module.

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