Justin Sun has proved time and time again that he is a smart guy. Given the recent attacks on networks and the launch of Odyssey 2.0, Sun understands that security should be his top priority.

On the day of the launch, Tron’s founder announced a bug hunt with rewards up to $100,000. As if that wasn’t enough, Tron’s roadmap now shows a planned hackathon for September. Other than the projected month, no other information has been released on the event.

That’s not all on the security front. Tron announced changes to the bug hunt the day after the beta launch of Odyssey 2.0 — the highest award is now a whopping $10 million.

Tron has recently announced the programming competition winners — a total of eight hardworking programmers across the world — who took home a combined $1 million in reward.

TRX Wants to Be Better Than Ethereum and Enlists Some Help

Though TRX might not have existed without Ethereum, Sun released a table showing how Odyssey 2.0 was far superior. Among the many advantages, the table references the mainnet’s high scalability, the 100 million users of DApps, the nonexistent fees and developer reward programs up to $2 billion.

Tron’s Super Representative program also keeps adding candidates as election day grows closer — June 26. The purpose of the program is to enlist powerful allies to breathe life into the network. By spreading the power sources around the globe, Tron is able to create an impressive ecosystem capable of processing complex equations effortlessly.

There are a number of requirements that Super Representative candidates need to meet in order to be eligible for the program. Applicants must have an official website and present specific team information, budget and community plans, background information on key staff members, among others.

Out of all the new additions, the candidates include Infinity Stones, dexnode, Hello World, RightBTC, Next Genius, Sesame Seed and many others. Tron has also started publishing the candidates’ manifestos ahead of the upcoming election.

Exchanges Are Jumping Aboard the TRX Train

Since the launch, Tron has already received backing from two exchanges supporting the blockchain upgrade and token migration —  Lbank and OTCBTC. On June 6, Tron also announced a partnership with Shift Markets, which will increase TRX’s exposure to fiat trading and FX markets.

Tron’s founder showed excitement, saying:

“TRON’s partnership with Shift Markets marks a major expansion in the availability of TRX and fiat trading. We are proud to play a prominent role in joining cryptocurrency and FX markets across the globe.”

TRX has also joined several new exchanges expanding its reach and pairing. The digital currency can now be traded with USDT, TWD, RP, BCH, and others. Among the new announcements, exchanges include Indodax, CoinEx, Max Exchange and BitForex.

Tron shows no signs of slowing down, at least not until the end of its beta phase. While the results of the latest event were disappointing for TRX investors, they might be lucky and get another chance come June 25.

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