The Tron Foundation released its weekly report on Oct. 29th, giving the crypto community a recap of what happened from Oct. 20th to Oct. 26th. Tron is working hard to reach new communities and improve its blockchain platform. Tron is on a giving spree as it pledged $3 million to Blockchain Charity Foundation (BCF) and joined the giveaway campaign on The Foundation put the finishing touches to the upcoming meetup in San Francisco.

All this points to a blockchain protocol that is working towards achieving its goal by engaging and informing its community on the latest developments.

Week in Review

The previous week was mainly characterized by the tumbling of the stock market and Bitcoin’s shocking insulation from the plunge. However, it was a different ball game for Tron.

The technical development team completed the addition of the index switch to the optimized index of SolidityNode and improved the TVM performance for the optimized TVM executions process. The team is working on optimizing the testing memory database and setting the BFT development plan.

The Tron community has set its sights on reaching new markets, particularly Japan. Tron’s video series which consist of “interviews between Tron mascot and the host” introduced the fourth episode to the Japanese community.

Tron has been getting a lot of questions from the community members. The blockchain protocol responded with a series of Tron 101 lessons. The fourth lesson was released in the past week. This level of engagement is a good measure of how developers and the community is interested in Tron’s blockchain protocol.

As of Oct. 19th, the upgrade of Version 3.1.2 was completed by 33 exchanges. The EasyTrade development went ahead as planned and is now in its third phase. TronGrid was scaled up so that it can accommodate a large number of developers Dapps using the ecosystem.

Tron updated its documentation as a direct response to issues raised by the developer community.

Last Trip, a Dapp developed by WuXia, will be launching a multi-language version of the game on Tron. TronDice, another entertainment Dapp “developed by Tron community developers” has already been launched on Tron MainNet. TronDice has a “24-hour transaction volume of 88,724, with a DAU of 1,571.”

HitDapps has been launched on the Tron MainNet and has already developed three entertainment apps. HitDapps was developed by DAppsWiki, an Australian development team that pledged to continue supporting Tron’s community.

Tron Support and Partnerships

Tron recently launched the DApp House, something similar to Google’s Play Store. This is a one-stop hub for Dapps built on the Tron network. Developers can upload their Dapps on DApp House, and users can view available Dapps. DApp House’s director said that they are working towards releasing an incentive mechanism that will attract more Tron Dapp developers.

TRX was listed on BTCBank exchange, a “trading platform for digital asset derivatives based on [the] Southeast Asian market” with “the third largest daily trading volume in [the] Indonesian and Vietnamese market.”

The founder and CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, better known as CZ, expressed his gratitude to Tron for pledging $3 million to BCF, Binance’s charity arm. BCF has previously played a crucial role in aiding Japanese flood victims and is currently planning to raise $500,000 to help the victims of the Uganda floods.

Tron has become part of the giveaway campaign on With regards to the partnership, Tron says that:

“As one of the partners with, Tron has provided any 8 items on the Tron WeChat store as gifts for the lucky winner, and these items include, Chinoiserie hip-hop hoodies, TRON T-shirts, embroidered baseball caps, business notebooks, TRX commemorative coins, TRON USB sticks, Tron’s founder Justin Sun’s book, etc.”

The Tron Foundation is reciprocating the support it has received from the Tron community by giving back more than 47 million TRX stored in a locked address to Tron supporters.

After the change of ownership of the locked TRX, “the address with the TRX in it will be removed from the list of addresses locked by the Foundation.”

Justin Sun, the leader of Tron tweeted that Oracle’s blockchain team visited Tron and the two teams discussed how they can cooperate and work together in the future.

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