tweeted a post showing the most mentioned cryptocurrencies within an hour. Justin Sun, the founder and CEO of Tron later retweeted the post on Oct. 26th likely because his decentralized platform built for the digital entertainment industry was leading the pack. Tron’s main competitors, Ethereum and EOS were third and ninth, and Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization claimed the second spot.

Tron had 1,972 mentions while the bottom-placed Bitcoin Cash received only 297.

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The Top 5 Mentions

Tron received more mentions because of several reasons including Sun’s high activity on Twitter. Apart from that, the blockchain protocol is regularly in the news. Tron recently donated $3 million to Binance’s Blockchain Charity Foundation.

Sun also met Daniel Haudenschild, the CEO of Swisscom in Switzerland and potentially discussed the avenues they can take to collaborate. “We will continue working hard on increasing the quantity and quality of our Dapps to also surpass Ethereum—that is our next goal,” remarked Sun on his desire to outshine Ethereum.

Bitcoin came in second. The firstborn of cryptocurrencies has had one of the most interesting weeks because it remained stable amid a huge sell-off in the stock markets. The stability of Bitcoin, in most cases, translates to the stability of the entire market.

Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization recently saw the failure of its Constantinople hard fork upgrade. It has been postponed till next year. The Ethereum network is in panic mode because it is facing stiff competition from new networks such as Tron.

However, Ethereum is one of the most well known and trusted cryptocurrencies, and this makes it an attractive buy for investors because they feel that its price might pick up in the future. Bitcoin and Ethereum will always be talked about, irrespective of their market performance.

Ripple (XRP) and Litecoin (LTC) came in fourth and fifth place respectively. Ripple’s report published on Oct. 25th showed that the company managed to sell $163 million in XRP despite the bearish market conditions. Ripple also partnered with Amore Finance, a Prague-based startup.

The Bottom Five

The bottom five was rounded off by NEO, Cardano, Stellar, EOS, and Bitcoin Cash respectively. The NEO Foundation moved towards decentralization when it voted KPN, a Dutch telecommunications company as one of the MainNet consensus node. NEO recently held a hackathon in Berlin, and the next one is scheduled for St. Petersburg. EOS has also been promoting its platform by hosting hackathons in various parts of the world.

The crypto industry is maturing. The market no longer thrives on FOMO or hype but on real products. Those who are actively upgrading their projects, forming new partnerships, and engaging with their community will likely be more successful and “mentioned on Twitter.”

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