After announcing the completion of Phase Four of the Tronics support plan, the Tron Foundation will be giving back over 96 million TRX coins from the 13th, 14th, and 15th addresses. These three addresses will be removed from the list of locked addresses by the Foundation. The blockchain is also gaining acceptance among dApp developers quickly with Bitguild moving from Ethereum to Tron.

Giving Back to the Community

Tron announced that it would be giving back to the supporters over 40,084,942.291066 TRX from the 13th address (TJCT4patUUunwqJkBusWzG6xdfWCcaQ9YN), 30,849,150.245777 TRX from the 14th address (TXStuWCx1rX7Kw61CGjQaGyz9DjQEoLHNA), and 26,800,712.361681 TRX from the 15th address (TPu2anzdQwyX6karyramGnQBoMwdpJSvXH).

Before Tron releases the TRX frozen by the Foundation on January 1, 2020, the supporting funds (provided by the supporters) will match the frozen funds. During this period, the TRX will be owned by the community of supporters but will be managed by the Foundation, ensuring that the number of frozen TRX remains unchanged.

Tron announced:

“The TRON Foundation would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all Tronics… We will continue our commitment to the R&D of the TRON public chain, developing and optimizing more DApps, and enriching the TRON ecosystem. We will march forward with our original faith of ‘Decentralize the Web.'”

Bitguild’s Move to Tron

In an exciting move for the Tron supporters, Bitizens gaming dApp developer Bitguild has decided to move its application from Ethereum to Tron. The game will remain offline till the developers have migrated it fully to the Tron network.

In a blog post, Bitguild talked about their early days with Ethereum and how the platform is now facing several challenges, including those of scalability and long waiting times. It also appreciated Tron for faster transaction times and lower fees and said that the Tron Virtual Machine is easier for developing and scaling apps.

Tron’s mainnet launch, community support, and a scalable platform could help Bitizens in solving the transaction time and fee issues along with the scalability problems of Ethereum.

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