Designed to help in the development and increased user adoption of the TRX crypto coin, the Tronic Support Plan has successfully completed Phase Three, as revealed by the Tron Foundation in the latest blog post. Tron will now release over 87 million TRX coins to a dedicated locked address, which is the 498th/935th of 1000 TRX addresses currently locked by the Foundation. The total number of TRX frozen by the Foundation will not change.

Tronics Support Plan Moves a Step Ahead

Announcing the news to the Tron community, the Foundation noted that it would start giving back to its supporters. The plan is to provide supporters:

“The ownership of the 87543577.21TRX TRX in the address: TAv8VH5cnC5Vi5U4v5RMa9CU6pdbu7oGfu/TYRcL4wx2K5NCaHQwNsgoXabkUiNkce3QH, which are the 498th/935th of the 1000 addresses currently locked.”

The address to which contains 87+ million TRX coins will be removed from the list of locked addresses by Tron. It also informed that the funds frozen by the foundation would match the supporting funds before the frozen TRX are released on January 1, 2020. The addresses released before will be owned by the community supporters but managed by the Tron Foundation. Hence, the number of total TRX frozen will always match the funds with supporters.

Looking at the Future of Tron

The Foundation thanked the Tronics for their support, claiming that Tron has over 100 million users. It commented:

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“We will march forward with our original faith of ‘Decentralizing the Web.’ Only in this way can we give back to the supporters who had provided their selfless support for building the decentralized network of TRON.”

The Tron Foundation will also start making real-time adjustments to the amount of frozen TRX, per the Support Plan. It is also planning to release a detailed list of the supporters and the total amount donated by them for the project.

The Tronics support plan is designed to help the better development of the Tron blockchain, dApps and in turn, the wider adoption of TRX. The first phase of the plan was completed on October 3 and the second phase was completed on October 20.

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