Tron (TRX) finally launched its Mainnet on Thursday after a week full of surprises. While investors hoped to make some profit, TRX decided to go the other way.

The hype was real; supporters were going crazy over the Mainnet launch. Not only that, in the last week Tron launched its own Wiki page, it joined Apple’s Stock app, and founder Justin Sun made a move on acquiring BitTorrent Inc.

All seemed nice and well; investors were getting ready to cash-in, but things went very, very wrong.

After All the Hype, Tron Crushed Investors Hopes

Shortly after the Mainnet Odyssey 2.0’s launch, one user on TradingView tried to warn his community that TRX’s price chart looked bearish — maybe a little bit too late. Another user, however, reported there was no issue with the launch and a live broadcast was happening without a hitch. So what caused TRX’s price drop?

Basically, there was just not enough interest in the Mainnet, which, in turn, generated fewer investors than expected. During the launch, TRX’s value dropped from $0.040 to $0.033, approximately 17.5%.

Tron blockchain design. Source:
Tron blockchain design. Source:

Odyssey 2.0 Claims to Be Far Superior to Ethereum

During its live stream, the team explained how they worked 12 hours a day and six days a week to achieve in three months what Ethereum had achieved in 30 months.

Odyssey 2.0 accumulated 2,153 commits, which made it the blockchain project with the most commits in Q2 in the world. Tron vowed its network to be on a higher level than Ethereum by providing decentralized and democratic protocol governance.

The TRX token migration will happen on June 25, which has been declared as “Tron’s Independence Day.”

Sun claimed Ethereum’s inability to support new generation dApps, the gas burning system, and its high fees, as well as the community governance issues and its authoritarian system, pushed his team to develop its own network.

Developers will be able to use Solidity and other programming languages to work on their smart contracts. Tron’s Virtual Machine is expected to be launched on July 31, exactly two months after the Mainnet’s launch.

Tron’s speaker also pointed out how there are 1.08 million token holders making TRX the number one token in the Ethereum network. Apart from its Ethereum Golden Throne, Tron also claimed to be the most followed cryptocurrency on YouTube, followed by Bitcoin and Ethereum. Sun boasted how his Twitter following reached 448,000, while Tron Foundation gathered 300,000.

Sun Offers $100,000 Reward to Those Who Find Bugs

Sun had prepared one last surprise that he announced during the Mainnet’s launch. Developers can now go on the hunt for bugs and loopholes on Odyssey 2.0 with the hopes of winning rewards between $100 to $100,000. The bounty program started on Friday and will end on June 24.

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