The world of healthcare has changed enormously since the dawn of the 21st century. From new platforms that make diagnosis easier to telemedicine options that bring quality health care services to underserved populations, these advances have changed the way patients access care and how doctors deliver it.

These changes continue to accrue at a rapid pace, and the new TrustedHealth initiative promises to take things to a whole new level. By combining the power of blockchain and an exciting initial coin offering with a top-quality product, the individuals behind the TrustedHealth project will change the face of specialized medicine, and the way cancer patients access the care they need, yet again.

The TrustedHealth initiative is already making waves in the real world with their first ecosystem partner – Trustedoctor, the platform with more than 300 users (patients), more than 80 world leading doctor specialists and more than 50 hospitals connected. Marketing efforts for this exciting new ICO are already underway, with ROQ Media taking the lead: experienced professionals with the marketing prowess to help make the ICO successful.

Already that success is showing, much to the delight of cancer patients and healthcare professionals in 25 countries. With the presale slated for March 20, 2018, and the Crowdsale scheduled for March 27, 2018, the TrustedHealth project has already reached its soft cap in the private sale.

Notably, that soft cap target was reached with zero promotion. Unlike competing ICO projects, which have relied heavily on paid promotion to get the word out initially, the TrustedHealth initiative was able to reach its initial target on its own. That means investors recognize the value of the project, and they have been willing to put their money into the initiative.

The fact that the cause behind the TrustedHealth initiative is such a worthy one is no doubt partly responsible for the ease with which the project reached its initial soft cap. By linking patients with experienced healthcare specialists, the TrustedHealth initiative has a lofty goal – to change the face of modern healthcare and to save lives in the process.

Another factor in the TrustedHealth project’s corner is its low hard cap. Unlike many competing ICO projects, the experts behind TrustedHealth have set their hard cap at just 7,500 ETH. That should provide additional value for early investors while being enough to create a powerful healthcare platform for patients, doctors and caregivers.

There are a number of factors that make the TrustedHealth ICO different from other similar initiatives. Chief among these distinguishing factors is the TOKENS FOR LIFE commitment. The organizers of the TrustedHealth project have already pledged to donate an allocation of tokens to a special fund, one that will give vulnerable patients access to the TrustedHealth services and new hope for diagnosis and treatment of their disease. For every contribution in the Presale, they will donate 1000 TDH tokens to the fund and connect with a reliable partner that will take care of the fund later on.

Importantly, TrustedHealth already has a strong partnership with the providers necessary to turn the TOKENS FOR LIFE concept into a valuable reality for patients.

As mentioned, the organizers of the TrustedHealth project already have a working ecosystem partner, one with a trio of powerful tools to assist patients in need and give them new hope for the future. These three separate but interrelated tools include a digital medical record platform that provides doctors and other caregivers with the information they need to develop a comprehensive plan of treatment.

The other two are an online clinic where patients can access the care they need and an online consultation tool where doctors can provide the quality services those patients need. The online nature of these tools means that patients can have secure and confidential access to care, no matter where they are located.

Medicine has been moving in this direction for some time now, with the unveiling of telemedicine services and virtual clinics located around the world. The organizers of the TrustedHealth project seek to build on this platform and take patient care to the next level. The initiative already includes a fully functional platform, with more than 300 patients currently on board.

The TrustedHealth network also includes a network of more than 85 doctors. These medical professionals are easily accessible through the popular website.

Treatment for cancer and other serious illnesses has come a long way in the past couple of decades. Cancers that were once considered untreatable are now being treated quite successfully, giving patients and their families a new level of hope. However, the levels of misdiagnosis are high, and the lack of collaboration between medical practitioners is lacking, creating bottlenecks in accessing care and leaving many cancer patients out in the cold. The TrustedHealth ICO promises to change all that, increasing access to expertise, serving the needs of patients in far-flung communities and rewarding investors in the process.

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