Wanchain announced in a blog post today its integration with Binance’s Trust Wallet. The new feature will come as an add-on to the existing WanWallet, that users will be able to download from the Wanchain website directly.

Mobile Users Can Manage Digital Assets and Interact With DApps

The Trust Wallet that was acquired by Binance on July 31, aims to provide a better overall service with enhanced security for all users. Its integration with the WanWallet is a notable development, as the latter will attract more users to its cross-chain functionalities on the Ethereum blockchain.

“Wanchain is a blockchain ecosystem that enables the exchange of digital assets between blockchains with privacy protection and cross-chain smart contracts. The Wanchain infrastructure simplifies the creation of distributed financial applications for individuals and organizations to access financial services such as loans, asset exchange, multi-asset ICOs, and other asset management capabilities.”

The Trust Wallet is an open source mobile wallet that operates as a standalone application on iOS and Android devices and currently supports all ERC20/ERC223/ERC721 tokens. The company’s roadmap also includes integration with the Bitcoin blockchain before the end of the year. Besides managing their digital assets, Trust Wallet users can interact with Decentralized Applications (DApps), as well as to instantly buy and sell their tokens on Binance’s crypto exchange.

Trust Wallet Offers Advanced Security Layers and Support Levels

As the Trust Wallet is fully decentralized, users maintain full control over their assets as their private keys are only stored on their mobile devices. Its creators have partnered with a leading security firm to ensure safety and data integrity, including advanced security layers such as lock pins and biometrics. What this means is that additional authentication would be required to access the Trust Wallet app, even if a mobile device is unlocked.

The Trust Wallet is committed to working closely with Binance and token issuers to identify any issues that may arise from the storage or transfer of their tokens. Additionally, it provides its customers with full support through its resolution center, which is easily accessible via email or social channels.

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