Despite finding itself mired in lawsuits, controversies, and price drops, Ripple’s XRP has so far managed to pull through quite a difficult year without any major permanent setbacks. It has taken all the brunts thrown its way rather effectively, and if things continue along the current trajectory, the company could end up becoming the Microsoft of the crypto space.

Admittedly, not everybody will follow that line, but when a bold assessment like that comes from Phillip Nunn, entrepreneur, CEO, and speaker of international stature, one cannot help but pay heed.

Ripple and Microsoft

What makes Ripple’s comparison with Microsoft more noteworthy is that it has come from a self-proclaimed (seemingly former) XRP skeptic.

Nunn, who is currently leading The Blackmore Group and Wealth Chain Group as chief executive, tweeted saying that he has “never been a supporter” of XRP. However, he did acknowledge that Ripple is “making some serious moves … they will become the Microsoft of crypto.”

Apparently, Nunn sees a lot of similarities between where Ripple stands today and Microsoft’s progress during the advent of the Internet. In a backhanded compliment sort of way, the Blackmore CEO mentioned how Microsoft, despite having an inferior technological inventory and less innovation as compared to archrival Apple, was able to capitalize on the business acumen of Bill Gates.

He pointed out that when everybody else in the still-nascent computer industry was busy with product development, Gates worked relentlessly to ensure that Microsoft products such as Windows, MS Excel, and MS Word became the go-to tool for businesses across the world.

Where Is the Similarity, Though?

According to Nunn, Ripple is doing the same thing as Microsoft did decades ago by focusing primarily on the mass adoption of its technology. He added that the crypto industry has reached a stage wherein the ability of developers to push their innovations toward mass adoption will eventually make the difference between success and failure.

That is where he thinks Ripple is playing it smart, by establishing close relationships with banks and major financial institutions to emerge as a go-to platform offering blockchain and crypto solutions.

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