You’ll Be Twitching to Use Brave; BAT Payments Expanded to New Platforms

Brave announced that they will be expanding their BAT payment system to

Twitch users will be able to make some money in a new way. On March 1, Brave announced that they would be expanding their BAT payment system to This follows a successful launch of the system on YouTube. Brave hopes to continue the growth and to corner the market on enhanced browsing experiences.

If you have never heard of Brave, it is a faster and more secure browser that has a built-in payment functionality. Through utilizing the Basic Attention Token, or BAT, users can support their favorite content creators on sites like YouTube and now Twitch. BAT can be granted easily and quickly, using the built-in feature on the browser.

A Growing New Economy

Brave is growing. Three months ago, they expanded their BAT payment ability to include YouTube. Since then, 7500 YouTube channels have gotten on board with Brave Publishers. The user pool has grown to almost 150 million. Since YouTubers seemed so keen to use Brave, is now going to be supported. With 3 million dollars of incentive on YouTube, Brave plans to add an additional $1 million in support of Twitch creators.

The Brave browser will create a list of Twitch channels that users can send BAT to on a monthly basis. Streamers of popular game content will also be able to use the BAT payment system. Brave will authenticate accounts via email; streamers will be able to open an Uphold account in order to receive BAT payments.

Using BAT now

Until the new platform is complete, users can earn with Brave in a couple of ways. The Referral program and Donations. Through the referral program, Brave will transfer BAT to creators who promote Brave to their fans and get fans to use the browser. The incentive will be equal to about five dollars a day for each user that a contributor converts to a Brave user.

Donations can be given by users using the Brave desktop application. Users will be able to donate to specific channels in specific denominations of BAT each month. They will also be able to set a monthly budget that will be distributed to channels based on how often content is viewed on Twitch channels.

Brave new world

Brendan Eich, CEO of Brave, says that supporting Twitch streamers will enable the company’s mission to change the way web browsing is done. He feels that his company is offering an enhanced experience to consumers and content creators. The browser streamlines something that fans of gamers already want to do- offer compensation for great gaming content.

Eich believes that BAT will take off with the community as service increases. He is excited about building a new ecosystem of creators and users that rely on BAT as a reward mechanism, and Brave plans to extend BAT to even more platforms soon.

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