Cryptocurrency project Zcash recently announced in a new blog post that its Go-to-Market activities had reached early adopters in need of an alternative store of value (SoV).

Zcash also suggested that Asia and the US are the primary target markets for the project’s research, business development, and marketing activities.

Moving on to the Early Adopters

Zcash informed that it is focusing on the US and Asia, with a specific focus on the Japanese, South Korean, Singaporean and Hong Kong markets in Asia.

There will be some engagement with Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines as well.

The team will also research the product market fit for Zcash to be used as a Medium of Exchange (MoE), with Latin America and the US as primary targets.

Zcash isn’t looking for broad MoE adoption right now. Instead, they will focus on proofs-of-concept and product research.

The announcement states that MoE use cases have the most potential in spurring growth at scale.

The GTM Emphasis

The Go-to-Market emphasis is on use cases with a full life-cycle or customer decision journey.

Zcash will focus initially on ‘Store of Value’ use cases for full adoption in the near-term and eventually move on to find the ‘Medium of Exchange’ use cases to get a product market fit.

To reach its goals, Zcash will drive adoption of shielded addresses by third parties. With October’s Sapling activation, the exchanges can support shielded addresses in a less resource-intensive process.

The team will also work to market and support features- including the creation of compelling content, content localization, and event participation.

They will also look to recruit exchanges, funds, and custodians catering to institutional investors.

The team is also expected to grow bigger next year as Zcash will add a new Asia regional head, a Latin America community leader, market analyst, contract-to-hire paralegal and an event coordinator.

Another important goal for the team will be to increase collaboration and openness in the network.

The name of Zcash Company will change, while the names of Zcash as a digital currency and Zcash Foundation will remain the same.

For further openness enhancement, they will also reveal details about their trademark, provide quarterly newsletters and quarterly updates via live stream.

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