50% off all passes – CGC 2019 Kyiv, Ukraine

    Today is your lucky day! Do you know why?

    We have a special surprise for our subscribers. If you haven’t bought CGC ticket yet, here will be a small gift for you from CGC team.

    Get your 50% discount on any type of tickets – Expo, Standard or even Premium Pass – http://bit.ly/2jYHVq3

    We have only one rule – use the GAMESFOREVER promo code and join CGC in Kyiv, Ukraine on October 10-11.

    The offer is available just on September 6th.

    Official social webs (feel free to check, like and subscribe us):

    FB eventhttp://bit.ly/2ym0lEL

    Useful links:

    Become a speakerhttp://bit.ly/2KDS2fF
    Become a media partnerhttp://bit.ly/2XMh7ez
    Become a volunteerhttp://bit.ly/2XLrUpk
    Attend as an investorhttp://bit.ly/2LBprHO
    Attend as an affiliatehttp://bit.ly/2xtFIWT
    Apply for CGC Pitchhttp://bit.ly/2M8nse8
    Apply for CGC & WAX Hackathonhttp://bit.ly/2MMdQpM
    Apply for CGC Showcasehttp://bit.ly/2Nt1dBU
    Apply for CGC Awardshttp://bit.ly/30sOH7e
    Exhibiting opportunitieshttp://bit.ly/2JBbGWG

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