HyperQuant blockchain solution designed by engineer from Polkadot

    26 June 2018. Tallinn. HyperQuant project ensures the integrity, authenticity and security of the users` trading transactions data with the help of immutable Ethereum blockchain and cryptographic proofs of knowledge.
    HyperQuant clients must be assured that all trading deals conducted by the robots within the platform are actual. The best solution is Ethereum blockchain – secure public ledger with the ability to store arbitrary hashes in state.
    Wherein the direct recording of trading deal data drags two problems – revealing all trading data including trading strategies along with the inefficiency of blockchain`s capacity to store and process millions of trading transactions daily.
    To solve this problems HyperQuant project utilizes the cryptographic proofs (merkle proofs) of existence. At the end of arbitrary period the list of operations is being formed, at that one of the columns contains constantly increasing identifier or timestamp to avoid leaks of repetitive deals occurrence. A merkle tree is built from the order hashes with the merkle root as a top hash of the tree.
    As HyperQuant client has the access to his own orders, this root, along with rest of the merkle tree, provides mathematically perfect way to be sure that his data was the part of the clearing. Using the power of immutable Ethereum blockchain and cryptographic proofs of knowledge (merkle proofs), the user of HyperQuant platform can audit his operations and be sure that all his actions were actually taken on the crypto exchange. Such system is also traffic and computationally efficient, so even if it has 1,000,000,000 orders daily, proofs will take only 1kb in size and require 30 hashing operations.

    The merkle`s tree blockchain implementation concept and its application within the HyperQuant platform was designed by Nikolay Volf, the technical advisor of project`s blockchain workgroup. Nikolay worked on Parity Ethereum Client since before the initial release. Has pioneered Rust and WebAssembly blockchain applications along with the involvement in Polkadot project. Nikolay will be further consulting HyperQuant team in platform development and blockchain integration. “The main difficulty was to gain reasonable balance between data accessibility and immutability, so everyone could be sure that the orders within the system actually exist and veritable, and the security of private intellectual property. Merkle proofs of existence, stored in the Ethereum blockchain proved to be elegant and effective solution”, – commented Pavel Pavchenko, CEO of HyperQuant project.

    About HyperQuant Platform

    HyperQuant is a professional platform for automated crypto asset management, market making and dApps creation that is based on the cutting-edge AI, risk management, blockchain technologies and fast order delivery protocol. Platform is developing by professional quant traders who know capital management industry inside-out and offers three main points:

    Hyper Fast. The Fast Order Delivery protocol for the platform works hundreds of times faster than similar solutions. With the addition of server colocations based on vast number of crypto exchanges the speed is boosted even more.
    Hyper Smart. All the components of the platform are managed by an AI witch constantly evolves through machine learning on accumulated Big Market Data. HyperQuant also unites the exchanges into the Electronic Communication Network (ECN), with the AI based automatic interexchange trade deals distribution.
    Hyper Secure. The automated risk management system minimizes the risks. Trade hashes are written into the blockchain for the transparency and security.


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