Counos U Stablecoin 100% Backed and Bankable With SWISS ISIN

    Reasons Why You Should Choose Counos U for Financial Transfers

    Reasons Why You Should Choose Counos U for Financial Transfers

    An innovative solution for financial transfers and payments

    Never in the history have people been able to pay for something with a certain currency and get a return because of their choice. But now that is a reality. If you choose Counos U for your financial transfers and payments, you will receive a ton of benefits, among them a return on your balance.

    Counos U is completely and one hundred percent backed with dollars and has a fixed value of $100. To ensure this, a specially developed vehicle is built. This vehicle secures the deposited dollars. That is 4 trustees, a Swiss bank and seven other lawyers. This ensures that every Counos U is 100% backed with US Dollar, not as with USDT where only 74% is backed with dollars. But that’s not enough, for all Counos U that you hold longer than 1 year, you get a 3.9% return. Buy Counos U directly with your primary bank via the Swiss ISIN.

    What makes Counos U so special:

    – It can be directly purchased and sold through your local bank

    – It has a fixed value of $100

    – It has an annual return of 3.9%

    – It can be easily exchanged to dollar, CHF, EUR or other cryptocurrencies

    – Easy and quick worldwide transfer

    – Latest safety and security algorithms

    – High speed

    No matter which bank in the world, go to your advisor and buy Counos U through the Swiss ISIN

    Counos U; The first bankable stablecoin

    The Counos platform was the first to create a coin that can be bought directly with your local bank. No matter which bank in the world, go to your advisor and buy Counos U through the Swiss ISIN. The latter will ask you for the ISIN which you will find here, then he will send the money to a Swiss bank and they will secure your assets.

    Easily Exchanged with Some Other Currencies and Vice Versa

    Using Counos Decentralized Exchange of the Counos Platform and the agents, users will be able to exchange Counos U with Fiat currencies around the world and to exchange back again.

    This way you can send money around the world 24/7 in a safe and fast way. The minimum transaction costs are also negligible and therefore unrivaled. The Blockchain only takes 2.5 minutes to confirm a transaction and since it is not a token but a coin, this will not be longer.

    How to transfer money using Counos U?

    How to transfer money using Counos U?

    Making money transfers with Counos U is really easy and innovative. For example, we take a person who wants to deliver USD from the USA to Dubai. In this case, this person can buy Counos U from a Counos agent in the United States. He then sends these to Dubai, where an agent can convert the Counos U into USD. Since no bank has to give a confirmation, this works at any time.

    How to use Counos U to pay for goods and services?

    One of the best uses of Counos U is to make payments for goods and services. For example, if you live in the UK and order a piece of jewelry from Switzerland, you can use Counos U on the Counos Escrow service to purchase and pay for it. The seller then sees the payment already made and can safely send the jewelry to the UK. He can then change the received Counos U to Swiss francs or US dollars or keep the Counos U and benefit from the 3.9% annual return.

    Final Remarks

    Many traders or ordinary people want to keep their assets in safe currency overnight. So you can change your volatile cryptocurrencies into a stablecoin on every central exchange that Counos U offers and thus keep your assets safe. If you want withdrawals from the exchange, you can withdraw Counos U directly and do not have to refer to a bank account.

    To find out more about Counos U, visit Counos Platform.

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