Credits Milestones & Achievements

    Credits Blockchain Platform took stock of the results of its activities during July 2019 and managed to achieve significant progress. The active work of the team has been reflected primarily in technology improvement, dapps development, as well as in entering several partnerships and company’s media coverage.

    Credits is an open-source, decentralized blockchain platform that allows users to create dApps and implement the technology in various spheres of their lives. The platform serves as an excellent solution for business and includes many services whose performance is characterized by high transaction speed, bandwidth, and low tariffs.

    July 2019 was a fruitful month for the company due to its massive dApps development. Among the many of them, one can single out CSheduler that allows the execution of Smart Contracts in a predetermined mode, as well as the development of the Photo Patent on Credits platform that is directed at content creators, allowing them to protect their imagery. Credits team has also redesigned the platform’s website and has added new visual and auxiliary elements in the Credits Blockchain Explorer which facilitates visual perception and makes the display more user-friendly.

    Credits Blockchain Platform has also managed to:

    • reach the 27th place in the ranking of the most active technical teams according to CoinCodeCap
    • reach the 20th position in GitHub commit rank
    • enter into a partnership with Coinspeaker and Cryptopolitan
    • integrate Chainlink to Enable Connected Smart Contracts
    • hold a series of meetings and negotiations in Silicon Valley
    • enter into a partnership with Turkey’s Zoom Hizar restaurant chain that will allow customers to pay with CS cryptocurrency and take advantage of the loyalty program

    A full list of events and achievements of the Credits company can be found in the Credits Monthly Report, July 2019.

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