eBank Token (EBT) – Rise of The Next Big Cryptocurrency

    EBT cryptocurrency – a new cryptocurrency ecosystem is developed by eBank Technology developer team. With a total supply of 21 million token, EBT is generated based on ERC20 contract. It is used to perform various operations on eBank wallet such as an intermediary to exchange between different coins as well as to convert profit from AI-Crypto. EBT currency also serves merchants who supports eBank Token. With this in mind, the platform shall launch a smart blockchain-based POS machine for global merchants’ use!

    Today, cryptocurrencies face a litany of challenges that hinder mass adoption. From poor user experience to market volatility, cryptocurrencies have failed to induce widespread change. Many consumers and businesses question their value, considering them too complex or financially risky to use.

    However, the team in eBank Technology wants to change that.

    eBank Technology develops eBank Super Wallet and design a powerful auto-trading program eBank A.I Crypto serve as a one-stop shop for all crypto: an exchange, an e-wallet which supports a broad variety of tokens, a D-Apps Gaming platform and A.I Technology to all users.

    eBank Technology provides storage of cryptocurrency with profit sharing concept, payment services and entertainment purposes and create recurring revenue through A.I Crypto trading.


    We respectfully inform everyone about our roadmap in 5 years in order that people could get an overview of us:

    • The use of cryptocurrencies has become more widespread.
    • The origin platform idea.
    • Development of the concept and business plan.

    For further information, contact us:
    Website: https://www.ebanktoken.com/
    Facebook: https://facebook.com/eBankTechnology/
    LinkedIn: https://bit.ly/2GDvMhQ
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/ebanktoken
    Telegram: https://t.me/eBankToken
    Youtube: https://bit.ly/2VkBG0x
    Email: support@ebanktoken.com
    Join us – Touch your future

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