Introducing Motion

    Motion is an open source, PoW/PoS x16r ASIC resistant digital asset with a goal to bring a kickstarter style crowdfunding platform utilizing smart contracts to provide trustless solutions in fundraising and community funding to further development of the open source project. All of Motion technology is built with design-in-mind, that not only is it attractive but also made to be simple to use. We believe that mass-adoption of cryptocurrency will only come with making the technology easy to use.

    Motion’s goals can be summarized with three words:

    Moving Ideas Forward!

    So what are the goals of Motion?

    The main goal of Motion is to provide a trustless solution to crowdfunding by utilizing smart contracts and voting to protect funds, patrons and the parties doing the fundraising alike. We don’t want to make just a place to raise money, but rather an entire ecosystem. Smart contracts are used to hold funds, bound by timestamps and project goals. Patrons hold a voting right in each contract so that if goals are not met, the fundraising party is held accountable. In the case that arbitration is needed, Masternode operators then step in to judge a complaint. This allows for a system where everyone can not only give but also be apart of the process. Where votes truly count.

    One of the Motion’s goals is community development. Motion is a decentralized, open source asset and available for anyone to contribute to the project. In order to further community development we have allocated a portion of funds to facilitate developers to build for the use of Motion. We look at as a 2 part system, Motion official development and Motion Community Development.

    Motion is now in it’s second month and we have hit the ground running, both within our marketing as well as technology development. From mobile wallets to one click technology, we have designed Motion to be not just safe and easy to use, but also sleek and simple in it’s user interface. We believe that the path to mass adoption is through removing the mystery from technology and making it accessible to the non-tech savvy.

    What has been accomplished?

    The Motion one click Masternode Installer has been a huge hit within the community and we have been contacted by other projects asking that we also share it for their asset. Using digital ocean, a Motion holder can sync the installer with their wallet and deploy a masternode with one click. This brings the entire setup time down to 8 Minutes and requires no special tech knowledge at all. We’re looking forward to v2 that will have Multiple Masternode capabilities so users will be able to use a single vps to host their Motion masternodes.

    The Motion one click miner takes all the hassle out of configuring miner programs and command lines. We made it so simple that anyone can just paste their Motion address and start mining. No conf files, no -flag; just as simple as possible. Settings configuration also allows for users to choose which miner program they want to use, as well as choose pool besides the default.

    At Motion, we also are moving at light speed to reach a broad audience by marketing on not just social media but also supporting a Crypto faucet in a broadcast radio show “The Crypto Hour” which airs every weekday 5pm EST on LRN FM more info and show times can be found at Tune in and win some free coins!

    What’s Up Next?

    Technology is a rapidly growing sector and as any project, we need to adapt and look for any uses that Motion can fill. In order to do this, Motion has allocated 100,000 XMN to fund community development projects that bring use and adoption of Motion technology. Since our reveal of this, we have already met with and drafted an awesome platform idea of utilizing our one click technology for existing projects within partnership agreements. We take “Moving Ideas Forward” as not just a slogan, but a collective effort to realize dreams and work together.


    Rain or shine, we’re always in Motion We believe that with time and hard work, the Motion Project will be separated and highlighted as a key 2018 asset. Excellent design is only one factor, but excellent support is secret to success; join our community and administration if you have any questions- feel free to ask!




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