New and Improved Features Help Make Crypto Transactions More Efficient and Convenient

    The world of crypto is gaining in popularity. To keep up with the industry’s growing demand for new solutions, Piixpay introduces new product features, opening up new opportunities for users. With the launch of multiple new services such as voucher and referral system and its Crypto-to-bank feature Instafill, PiixPay offers a new level of functionality and convenience.

    New features in this PiixPay release include:


    Piixpay now offers new ways to earn credit. Everyone has the opportunity to earn vouchers by making transactions and referring friends. Miners earn a voucher for each friend they invite. Additionally, that friend will receive a signup bonus. Furthermore, PiixPay has come up with various ways to earn more credits, which can be used to lower the service fee. In fact, it is even possible to make transactions for free.


    Besides being able to earn valuable vouchers, the founders of PiixPay have released a new feature called Instafill, which helps users cash out their cryptocurrencies effortlessly without bureaucracy. Users can simply link their crypto wallet address of their choice to their bank account address. Each time crypto is sent to that wallet address, it is automatically converted to euros and sent to the user’s bank account immediately. Instafill is aimed at elevating customer experience by making transactions more convenient. Above all, it saves valuable time.

    “Our team is constantly working hard to come up with new services and solutions for everyday usage,” said Raivo Malter, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of PiixPay. “As of now, we have released a new Instafill service, which serves as a noteworthy and convenient opportunity to send crypto assets to the bank account address of your choice. In this way, miners can save up funds sent by friends, donations or fares or cash out their own investments.”

    About PiixPay

    Piixpay is a Crypto Payment platform, which has been in business since 2014. In 2018, PiixPay expanded its business to 102 countries.They were also nominated for Benzinga Global Fintech Awards.

    “Making transactions in the form of cryptocurrencies is becoming increasingly common day by day. In fact, it has become a natural part of making transactions,” said Raivo Malter. “We’ve been in business for 5 years with a mission to provide a secure and trustworthy service. Although cryptocurrencies are often considered confusing and volatile, they are a great way to send and receive money at a high speed in a secure and reliable way.”

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