R3Sec Announces Date For R3S token ICO

    Next-generation cybersecurity solution utilizing moving target defence technology, is proud to announce its Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

    MARCH 15, 2018

    R3Sec, a next-generation cybersecurity solution utilizing a moving target defence technology (“MTD”), is proud to announce its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for the R3S token. Starting on March 20th, 2018 interested parties will be able to purchase the token that provides investors with exclusive access to the firm’s security services.

    This is a unique opportunity within the ICO marketplace offering a proven technology backed by a cutting-edge product. R3Sec is already working with some of the biggest firms in the digital marketplace. The security technology will help prevent businesses from being impacted by cyber attacks.

    With both hard and soft caps on the ICO, investors can be sure their investment is safe and being used to further the technology. This is different from many other ICOs that take on as much money as possible. Funds raised during the ICO will be used strategically for the continued development of R3Sec.

    What is R3Sec?

    Standing for restoration, resilience, recovery and security, R3Sec is a bold, new paradigm shift for defending against cybersecurity threats. The company provides a unique solution by implementing a reactive defence that always keeps attackers one-step behind.
    The annual cost of global cyber attacks, intrusions and breaches is expected to reach beyond US$6 trillion by 2021. Conventional cybersecurity solutions simply are not enough as attackers continue to find ways to circumvent them. The R3Sec cybersecurity solution aims to curb this threat using cutting-edge technology inspired by the defence tools used by the military.

    The Moving Target Defence

    The Moving Target Defence (MTD) technology used by R3Sec places systems, such as servers, applications, services, APIs and IoT services, into several identical holographic instances. These instances virtually rotate, becoming unpredictably active and inactive. Every minute or so, the active instance, a website or server for example, is replaced entirely with a clean instance of that website or server, while the initial instance is paused, inactivated, wiped and reset into clean and usable state.

    This constant and unpredictable rotation of instances is highly resilient against potential security breaches, including DDoS attacks, website defacement, nuke attacks and wrong patching, as damaged or breached systems are constantly being replaced with a functioning instance. Even a successful attack would not have the necessary time to do real damage. The impact of the attack is significantly minimized and recovery is immediate.

    Why invest in the R3S ICO?

    In order to provide R3Sec on a large scale, the firm requires funding for staff and additional IT development. The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) allows interested parties to not only support R3Sec’s innovative technology, but also lock in service once everything is up and running.

    This makes R3S a utility/service token that provides investors with a pre-purchase credit for services similar to how Amazon store credit works. R3S holders will receive several benefits such as being among the first to have access to the R3Sec service once it has been launched according to the development timeline.

    R3S ICO Facts

    R3S Presale Bonus: 30%
    Presale End: When ICO supply has been sold (70%)
    Token ICO Start: March 20th, 2018
    R3S Sale Price: US$1.00
    R3S Token Sale Bonus: Up to 5%
    Token Event End: When all Tokens are sold
    Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH

    About R3Sec

    The R3Sec solution is inspired by technology developed, deployed and tested at the highest levels. Notable users include Lockheed Martin, United States Navy, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Northrop Grumman, HP and many more.

    These singular, expensive large-scale projects prove that the technology works, and now, R3Sec is in talks with Google, Amazon, IBM, and several other global leaders. The firm’s goal is to make the breakthrough cybersecurity technology available for all business types and budgets.

    R3Sec has a team of successful entrepreneurs with a wealth of experience in IT security and cloud solutions. The company has experience building and operating several companies also holding important and relevant positions in large corporations such as LogMeIn and Google.

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