CRYPTEX GLOBAL https://www.cryptexglobal.io is a Crypto to Crypto Trading Portal, registered, licensed and established in Dubai, UAE set to roll the market.

    CRYPTEX GLOBAL trades nearly all Top 20 Token in Coinmarketcap and much more from the Top Hundred.

    CRYPTEX GLOBAL Customers can trade:

    BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, RIPPLE, BITCOIN CASH, EOS, LITECOIN, STELLAR, TETHER, TRON, BITCOIN SV, CARDANO, IOTA, MONERO, DASH, NEO, NEM, ETHEREUM CLASSIC, MAKER, ZCASH plus another 120 most attractive worldwide leading Crypto’s and Token’s in multiple trading pairs.

    CRYPTEX GLOBAL is sharing the Several Hundred Million USD daily Order Book and Clearing System with OKEX, one of the world’s largest Crypto Trading Platforms, which means that CRYPTEX GLOBAL is one of the most liquid Crypto and Token Trading Portal available worldwide.

    CRYPTEX GLOBAL and OKEX share State of the Art bank standard cold and hot storage, applicable anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) procedures based on Maltese (EU) Regulations.

    CRYPTEX GLOBAL is based in Dubai, UAE and is targeting most liquid GCC Investors and Traders in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi but although the sophisticated international Investor that want to benefit from a absolute TAX-free and stable environment which Dubai offers at it’s best.

    CRYPTEX GLOBAL lists and trades over 140 Cryptos and Tokes in over 400 pairs at start and will have even a much wider Token offerings then OKEX itself in due course.

    CRYPTEX GLOBAL targeting to list the best quality Crypto’s and Token’s worldwide available for the Gulf and International Investor, hence we plan to list another 100 Crypto’s and leading Token’s additional within the next 12 Months targeting over 600 pairs.

    CRYPTEX GLOBAL is accessible for any already existing OKEX customer by logging-in through CRYPTEX GLOBAL with their existing Log-in details, as well as for any new customer that register directly through CRYPTEX GLOBAL.

    Existing OKEX customers can withdraw their Cryptos and Token from OKEX Fee-free via “Internal Transfer Withdraw Function” to CRYPTEX GLOBAL for trading. Any new customer can send his Crypto’s and Token’s to his account with CRYPTEX GLOBAL directly.

    CRYPTEX GLOBAL is a Crypto to Crypto Trading Platform only.

    CRYPTEX GLOBAL is not linked to any FIAT (USD, EURO, JPN or any other) Currencies nor are Bank SWIFT or SEPA Deposits nor Withdraws available.

    Links & Contacts:

    CRYPTEX GLOBAL Token Listing requests:   Info@rysslynxcapital.com
    CRYPTEX GLOBAL Trading Portal access:    https://www.cryptexglobal.io

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