WinNow’s cryptocurrency has completed its mainnet launch and looks at a utopian metaverse

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    GENEVA, SWISS. It just seems 2021 is the year of the metaverse and more and more companies are positioning themselves to be present in what appears to be a trillion dollar business.

    On November 16, a group of European developers and cryptocurrency experts launched WinNow ($WNNW) to act as a DAO token in the Wonniw metaverse, a P2E game with real-world dynamics able to generate yield through the choices of its citizens.

    A DAO token is a modern form of democratic representation, the participants in the game will therefore be able, through the WinNow token, to take an active part in the decisions on the dynamics of functioning of the metaverse.

    According to reports from the team’s Medium, the metaverse Wonniw has all the credentials to be able to try to replicate a utopian reality, in which all citizens and mayors elected by the DAO are equally incentivized towards a common goal called “sustainability”.

    The development of the metaverse is in the alpha phase, team has already signed an agreement with a European software house, Falcon Interactive, and the launch of a first playable version is currently scheduled for March 31, 2022.





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