The year of 2018 was very successful in the history of the gaming market, whose revenues exceeded the $100 billion mark, amounting to $109 billion. Global revenues reached around $70 billion. Increased income of 56% over six years illustrates not just how gaming companies attract consumers for the first time, but also how they have become leaders in innovative business models following the coming era of digital blockchain technology.

GameCredits (GAME) is considered the world’s first cryptocurrency for gamers. With the help of GAME coins, gamers can buy various products in online/offline games, and users can pay for these products using cryptocurrency.

Technical parameters of GameCredits (GAME) on the Bittrex website (on November 09, 2018):

  • Year of foundation — 2015;
  • Method of consensus — Proof-of-Work;
  • Used algorithm — Scrypt;
  • Market cap is $11 577 824;
  • Price of GameCredits on Bittrex is $0,15 per 1 coin;
  • Total supply is 84 000 000 GAME;
  • GAME coins were listed on many exchange services, including the most reputable ones like Bittrex.

How to use GAME on Bittrex?

After registering on Bittrex, users may apply the offered trading and exchange instruments. Click on the Wallets menu, and you will see a few tabs that are very simple to use. The exchange is like a multi-currency wallet with different balances for each coin. Each coin has its own address.

The mistake of transferring coins to the address belonging to another coin can be fatal, so be careful when choosing the trading or exchange pairs.

Keep in mind that Bittrex doesn’t offer any fiat money for buying or selling cryptocurrency including GAME. As an alternative to fiat, Bittrex offers trading via a stablecoin that is connected to the price of USD — USDT (Tether). It is not simple to send money to a USDT wallet, only via the wire transfer of a traditional bank.

All coins on the Bittrex website are linked to the Bitcoin price. That is why it’s often preferable to transfer Bitcoins from your wallet to your Bittrex wallet and then exchange them to GAME crypto.

After you have transferred Bitcoin, it is strongly recommended that you find the GAME Bittrex chart to learn the latest price and trading pairs. Users need to choose the BTC-GAME pair for trading.

Pay attention to the main tabs and options of this and other trade pairs:

  • Volume — it means the total amount of trades of the chosen trade pair;
  • % Change — it means the increas or decrease in price of GAME per 24 hrs;
  • Last price — it means the latest price of GAME to the chosen crypto in the trade pair. For example, users may find out how much they can get for exchanging GAME to BTC and vice versa.

How to buy GAME on Bittrex?

Choose GAME crypto after clicking the BTC-GAME pair. Users should understand all tabs and options on this page:

  • GameCredit Bittrex chart — this is a chart showing the volatility and changes in price. It shows GAME at different timeframes;
  • 24 H High — the highest price of GAME for the last 24 hours;
  • 24 H Low — respectively, the lowest price of GAME for the last 24 hours;
  • The Trade Menu — the place where traders buy and sell GAME;

To buy GAME with BTC users need to specify the price required for buying 1 GAME in the “price” field. In the field “Max”, users have to fill in the sum of GAME coins they want to buy.

Important notice! Always click on the green zone when buying GameCredits on Bittrex. In such way, users will receive the right sum of BTC. Then choose Buy and select Confirm.

In the same way, users may sell GAME. Bittrex is really one of the most user-friendly exchange services.

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