Although blockchain-based games are a new and emerging genre, iCandy Interactive will become one of the front-runners of the industry as it launches CryptantCrab, its latest web-based game on the Ethereum blockchain. iCandy Interactive is a listed entity and this may well be a first for any public listed brand. CryptantCrab combines glorious virtual one-versus-one matches with the traditional pastime of raising pets.

CryptantCrab Bounty: Pinch a Crab Worth 0.5 ETH*

CryptantCrab’s bounty is available from today and allows selected participants to collect a virtual crab worth 0.5 ETH* by filling in the bounty form, which asks users for their details including name, email, social profiles, and ETH wallet address. Participants are required to follow CryptantCrab on social media and share details to receive their bounty. The bounty selection will be done randomly and those who fulfill the criteria properly will be considered for the draw.

* CryptantCrab value is based on pre-sale release and market forces.

Presale Announced With Exclusive Offers

The CryptantCrab team announced their presale today, confirming that it is set to open on Oct. 25. Participants in the presale will be able to pick up special “Pioneer” crabs and an increased chance of obtaining the “Legendary” CryptantCrabs. Some of these Legendary CryptantCrabs at the presale are exclusive to the event and won’t be re-released again, so the presale will be the only chance to pinch these crabs.

Battle for Glory
Battle for Glory

Visuals, UX and Gameplay

While many new games in the cryptocurrency sector are keen on improving user experience by adding additional collectible components or by simply introducing new features, there is not much emphasis on long-term replayability. CryptantCrab is looking to raise the standard when it comes to blockchain gaming. The web-based game is also keen on providing a solid gameplay experience as the original concept and development came from Appxplore, an iCandy subsidiary responsible for award-winning games like Light a Way and Crab War.

The stunning visuals will likely play a role in adoption, and the web-based interface will ensure that everyone can easily access the game. The use of blockchain technology ensures that no data is manipulated and that each crab is under the direct ownership of the player.

Traditional Pet Collection Goes Digital and Then Some

Crabs featured in CryptantCrab
Crabs featured in CryptantCrab

CryptantCrab, a player vs. player (PvP) game, is a direct spin-off from Crab War, iCandy Interactive’s award-winning mobile game. Unlike Crab War, CryptantCrab has a heavy focus on gaining rare virtual crabs and enhancing their appearance and stats. These digital crustaceans have unique markings and distinctive patterns that are exclusively theirs. The game was heavily influenced by the traditional hobby of raising fighting fish from Southeast Asia, which includes raising fish as collectibles because of their intricate and unique patterns, as well as undergoing the battle and fight process that occurs between each fish.

According to CryptantCrab’s Medium blog post, blockchain technology is required to ensure that each crab is unique. Since CryptantCrab runs on the Ethereum blockchain, each virtual pet will be tagged with a digital token, which allows it to have a true market value. As each virtual crab is a tokenized asset, many innovative blockchain features will be introduced to this new gaming approach. This move is something that CryptantCrab believes can revolutionize the gaming experience.

Update: 16 November 2018

iCandy Interactive has now extended the deadline of its presale until December 25 2018. The team is working hard on a new core function for CryptantCrab: Xenograft. This new addition to the game is expected to drive further attention, so fans hoping to participate should do so before Christmas day.

The early bird benefits are still in play until the new deadline, meaning participants still have the opportunity to gain the “Pioneer” tag for their presale crabs, along with an increased chance of getting a Legendary crab.

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