Marketing, content creation, and online work has been changing rapidly since the birth of the internet. Millennials utilized YouTube, GitHub, and Reddit to consume their content today. With that, companies have been utilizing influencers in order to tap into this generation’s market. However, Content creators have been on the short end of the stick in a majority of cases because of issues with payment processes and options.

In the cryptoworld specifically, creators find themselves in a dilemma of accepting work solely on a company’s future value. Creators doing work for tokens have a hard time paying for rent and food because they cannot convert these tokens into fiat. Creators are often forced to hold onto tokens for months on end making it useless in real life situations. This essentially forces them to be equity owners who hold onto a tokenized form of debt for months on end. Sometimes, the tokens become worthless, making their work effectively 0 as well.

SIX Network offers a solution that is suitable for both creators and companies: a decentralized payment system. The SIX Network wallet lowers costs while increasing liquidity across its ecosystem, ensuring fairness during distribution and payment.

SIX Digital Asset Wallet

SIX network aims to spearhead the movement of digital services. Their mission is to provide a decentralized solution for their users for the various types of transactions that occur online. Utilizing blockchain technology and decentralized apps, the team has formed the platform and ecosystem known as the SIX Digital Asset Wallet.

SIX’s Digital Asset Wallet isn’t simply a wallet to store and hold your cryptocurrency. It is far more than that. The asset in Digital Asset includes media assets like film and music, digital copyrights, loans, reward tokens, and loyalty points. It is the hub for users to network and take part in global commerce within a decentralized system.

The Wallet enables users to connect peer to peer, removing the need for a third party verification system. This saves users money that would be spent on supply chain profits. In addition, users will be able to sell their content and ideas directly from the digital asset wallet. Copyright and revenue sharing can be done between creators and end users all within SIX network’s ecosystem, once again saving people money by removing middleman who require a cut.

“’s goal is to set a global standard for digital assets that allow machines to talk among themselves, leading to an automated and transparent marketplace on the blockchain,”

the team said.

SIX decentralized wallets facilitate an ecosystem that is transparent, fair, secure, and efficient for all stakeholders in the digital and creative economy. It is different from other decentralized wallets because it provides one platform for storing, connecting and trading digital assets.

Transparent for both stakeholders and creators in the digital economy, SIX’s decentralized wallet facilitates fair and secure payments globally. It is unique in that it connects, stores, and trades all in one place.

The main features of SIX Digital Asset wallet include:

  1.   Financial services: SIX wallet allow users to deposit, withdraw, create short-term liquidity for instant payments, automate payrolls, smart settlements and automate accounting.
  2.   Cross-token loyalty and reward points: This feature empowers users to use different tokens across different platforms by exchanging them in a decentralized manner. Also, users are rewarded for their loyalty and usage with SIX tokens.
  3.   Instant messaging: The wallet supports a chat box. This aids users communicate in real-time while trading, and would make support from the SIX wallet team more efficient. Easy communication is key to making SIX wallet a success and help build a viable ecosystem.
  4.   Digital asset vault: This is one of the innovations that has been lined up for the wallet in the near future. Users would be able to store their digital assets, like music, securely in one wallet.
  5.    Wallet-to-wallet commerce: This feature is lined up for the future. It will provide an enjoyable and convenient form of decentralized commerce for users. For example, musicians will be able to sell their music directly from their SIX Digital Asset Wallets. While other stakeholders can plug into the decentralized ecosystem and use smart contracts to pass copyright and revenue to one another.
  6.   Cross-chained wallet:  This is another feature earmarked for the future. It would enable different coins and tokens to be exchanged on the SIX platform with an integration of selected exchanges or DEX.


Wave 1: (Q4 2018)

To deliver a decentralized financial-services proof of concept to real businesses and creative workers.

The Proof of Concept (PoC) includes SIX wallet SDK, Web-based payroll with “Pay-out with SIX”, micropayment architecture, and web-based multi-sig wallet

Wave 2 (Q1 2019)

To implement the majority of SIX’s features through partnerships with SIX’s developer’s communities and geographically expand with strategic partners

The Springboard includes Blockchain Startup Fund, Partners and Business Development, and Community Development.

Wave 3 (Q3 2019)

To launch complex features to the public for feedbacks from real users.

The Public will get to use the beta version of SIX’s various complex features, including SIX’s multi-sig wallet, the Instant Pay, points and reward tokenization, and tokenization exchange through internal DEX.

Wave 4 (Q1 2020)

To set a new standard in the digital and creative industries by making a global and open source standard of major digital assets.

The New Standard for major digital assets is to be created. We aim to extend the functionality of the SIX Digital Asset Wallet as follows:

  1.   Digital content standard redesign from the ground up.
  2.   W2W decentralized commerce.
  3.   Smart contract and new business model possibilities for each type of digital asset.

Wave 5 (Anytime soon)

To become the Sixth Necessity for the digital and creative industries

SIX Token (SIX)

The cryptocurrency token which powers the wallet ecosystem is called SIX. Investors and users can earn SIX tokens by contribution or exchanging them. A total fixed supply of 1,000,000,000 (one billion) SIX shall be distributed periodically.

  • Total number of tokens; 1,000,000,000 SIX
  • Token main sale price; 1 SIX = USD 0.1
  • Accepted currencies; Ethereum (ETH), Stellar (XLM)
  • Minimum Investment Amount; 1000 SIX
  • Soft cap; USD 15,000,000
  • Hard Cap; USD 42,905,579

SIX Network

Additionally, if supported, SIX Network will offer solutions that would make it easy, to transfer assets and payments across multiple Fiat and tokenized content platforms. Creating value for SIX tokens and increasing the value of other tokenized content platforms. Eventually, creative workers would be able to exchange, withdraw and convert their tokens to cash seamlessly, regardless of the platform they use.

SIX Network’s Post-ICO

SIX Network recognizes how important post-ICO plans are for the longevity of the company. It is also important to keep investors updated with where their money is going!

The company is making extensive partnerships and collaborations with leaders in their respective fields.

  • ADMAX: Considered one of South Korea’s top ranking tech companies, ADMAX is an influencer marketing and advertising company under FutureStreamNetwork. By collaborating with ADMAX, SIX hopes to spread SIX Token to the large amount of users who utilize ADMAX as an alternative way to get compensated.
  • ChomCHOB: ChomCHOB is a mobile app that aggregates reward points from different companies into one spot. These points can than be used easily without the need to download apps from each company. SIX Network is providing point-to-point exchange with ChomCHOB point users. This will provide SIX Token real world value in Thailand.
  • Bezant: Bezant is a blockchain operation that specializes in fewer and faster verification than traditional digital payments. SIX Network and Bezant’s goals align, and can be integrated quite easily. They aim to provide each other with goods, contents, and value for both stakeholders.

SIX Wallet Now Ready

The SIX Wallet is now available to download! We have listened to our users pain points and have implemented changes such as pin code access, W2W username transactions, public key issues, and coin tracking. SIX Token’s can now be claimed and stored in the Wallet utilizing multi-signature technology. For our loyal users, the SIX Wallet will offer no transaction fees throughout 2018.

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