Interview with Dapp Developers: Platform Preferences

    These days, an increasing number of developers around the world have been interested in the benefits of decentralized applications. Unlike traditional platforms, dApps are more stable, flexible and safer. They allow to exclude all kinds of intermediaries and any interferences and provide a more open and transparent process of functioning and interaction.

    Several blockchain platforms offer their unique capabilities to developers. Among them are both the most popular one, those with extensive experience and a large list of dApps, and new platforms that offer completely new solutions for development. Let’s find out which platforms are the most preferable, what are their advantages and what does a modern developer focus on?

    We have conducted a survey among developers to find out their preferences and learn more about their experience in creating decentralized applications on the blockchain platforms. Here is a list of Q&A:

    1) Could you name the platforms that you have worked with and what was it like?

    • Developer 1: I have worked with ETH and TRON and finally we chose TomoChain as our main platform.
    • Developer 2: Our project NeoWorld the Virtual World is mainly working with the chain teams to utilize their tokens as a currency in our game, like EOS, NEO, ONT, IOST etc. Our own token is based on Ethereum. We are also working to some chains like NEO to issue tokens using their chain, as features in the game.
    • Developer 3: We got acquainted with many different platforms, but in the end, we came to the decision to try out some new and promising one. Therefore at the moment, we are developing our project “Medieval Age” on Credits.

    2) Why have you chosen namely them?

    • Developer 1: ETH has a fully developed ecosystem with the largest user but as a consequence, it has so many great games and dapps like red ocean. TRON and TomoChain have many similarities but I see that TomoChain is a new platform with not too many dapps here in the comparison with TRON. At this time, TomoChain launched Game dappathon round 1 and we decided to join it.
    • Developer 2: As mentioned above our own token (NeoWorld Cash) is based on Ethereum. We started our project at early 2018. At that time Ethereum is the most mature blockchain on smart contract development, including the tutorials, tools and community. For the collaboration with the chain teams, it is more a business consideration rather than a technical decision.
    • Developer 3: When we were choosing the platform to work with, we went particularly from the platform’s features. Obviously, we could follow the path of the least resistance and pick up well-establish platforms such as EOS, Tron or Ethereum but eventually decided to walk a different path and explore the capabilities of the rapidly-evolving platform.

    3) What are their advantages?

    • Developer 1: TomoChain supports all EVM-compatible smart-contracts with 2000 TPS so we can easily work with some tools and frameworks already based on Ethereum like Remix, Metamask,…
    • Developer 2: NEO: Fund transfer is free of charge. Therefore the token owners will not pay extra when they do frequent transactions. ONT: Good tool sets. It is very easy to start contract development if the developer already has experience on ETH. EOS: Fast transaction. And it is easy to issue a new token even for a non-developer individual. IOST: Similar to EOS. And the chain team is very specific to games and they are providing a lot of community supports.
    • Developer 3: As I mentioned, it concerns the capabilities of the platform. As far as I know, Credits recently has started developing dApps, and the enterprise provides an excellent opportunity to all interested parties. Actually I was impressed by the speed and capacity of the platform. Furthermore, the important thing for us is the responsiveness of the Credits team and readiness for joint productive work.

    4) What advice can you give to prospective developers?

    • Developer 1: I think now blockchain developer has many good choices with different platform around. You should consider some EVM compatible projects because of the support tools and framework.
    • Developer 2: You must be very, very careful and serious on every line of your smart contract, especially when money involved. The code of smart contract is public to everyone and any bug could result serious consequence. Think twice about which part of logic to be on chain. The blockchain technology is not designed to keep complicated logic and large amount of data. Making one application fully on-chain means the application itself cannot be complicated. A better approach might be putting the critical data/logic on chain and other parts in traditional implementation. How to separate them will be a hard decision to make.
    • Developer 3: First of all you should understand the purpose of the Dapp you are going to develop. As for our team, we are looking forward trying out the new features of the blockchain technology and identifying its advantages and possible disadvantages. Primarily, we are focusing on users, so that they can enjoy the gameplay due to the absence of any slowness, delays or fraud. That is our goal of creating Dapp.

    5) What do you think about the overall development perspective of decentralized applications?

    • Developer 1: DeFi is the new trend in crypto space, you may think about integrate economics into your game (Maxbet is an example with staking learn from TomoChain). And I think finance Dapp still one of the best use cases for blockchain in the future.
    • Developer 2: Now the development of Dapps is at very beginning stage, in terms of both infrastructure and number of developers. It makes more difficult for a new developer to start. In addition, lacking of killing application is another reason that a lot of good developers decide to stay outside for now. It will still take long time for industry to evolve and mature. We tend to think blockchain or decentralized applications are more of a feature or an alternative option to developers in designing games. It is good to fresh ideas always but it does take a lot of experiments and failure and patience to prove the value of a new concept.
    • Developer 3: It is a promising area because it allows you to get all the benefits of a decentralized approach. Dapps industry doesn’t stand still and there are growing opportunities for the product. The main problem is that many developers are focused more on the technology than design or convenience of use. But over time, the technology will be more user-friendly and will get the widespread use. It is the guidance of the modern platforms right know that strive to meet modern realities and requirements.

    According to a survey more than 50 developers, we managed to draw up the following diagram:

    As we can see, most of the developers, when considering the possibility of creating their dapps, rely on the most popular platforms. Nevertheless, there is an increasing interest in new platforms offering a fresh perspective and new opportunities for implementing blockchain technology. Each of the above platforms is unique and has its own business solutions. The developers choose a platform based on their goals and ideas, emphasizing both the technical capabilities of the platform and its general accessibility. Enthusiasm for blockchain technology is growing every day, which certainly leads to its further improvement and will allow an increasing number of developers to implement it in their industries.

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