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Privacy Guides

In this modern era, technology plays a massive role in our lives, bringing with it many benefits, but also risks to privacy. From CCTV cameras monitoring the streets we walk to smartphone applications mining our data, the amount of information collected from us can be overwhelming.

While privacy is often considered a right, having it in your life will not happen on its own and requires one to take action to attain it. That’s why we created this Privacy Guides section on [blokt] to provide educational materials as well as practical information and tips that can be used to improve your privacy.

Some of the topics covered within this Privacy Guides section include:

VPNs – Virtual private networks (VPNs) are one of the most effective tools for protecting your privacy online. We provide in-depth reviews on the best and worst VPN services available, looking at a range of use cases, including VPNs for Android, VPNs for Netflix, VPNs for gaming, and more.

Browsers – Not all web browsers are created equal, and some will protect your privacy better than others. Our guides look at the most secure browsers for private browsing, as well as provide tips on how to set up your browser correctly for increased privacy.

Privacy Tools – There are various tools available that can help to protect your privacy online. These include file deletion tools, antivirus software, Tor, DNS proxies, ad blockers, and more. Our guides will help you decide which tools are best for you and show you how to use them.

Privacy Threats – With numerous privacy threats present in the world today, our guides will help you to understand what they are and how they work. We also show you the steps you can take to mitigate the risks they present. The threats we cover include innovations like facial recognition technology, biometrics, data collection, spyware, and more.

For those who want info on the latest developments worldwide affecting our privacy, you can also check out our Privacy News section.