Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Privacy Threats

The advance of technology has brought us to a turning point in human history.

It has broke down barriers, increased our connectivity and brought about economic development all around the globe. Overall it is a great thing.

We can now book a flight at the touch of a button from our smartphone. We even can make an order on Amazon using a voice command with our Alexa device. Everything is possible..

But what is the cost of it all?

One of the biggest costs is our right to personal privacy, which is being eroded away.

Technology is the biggest threat to personal privacy that we have ever faced. If it all goes the wrong way it could easily lead to dystopian future. In some countries, that is already happening.

Here are some examples of why it is a threat:

All the big internet companies are using your personal data to create ever more sophisticated models to increase profits.

Smartphones are tracking what you do, who you talk to, where you go and maybe even listening to you in some cases.

CCTV cameras are becoming increasingly prevalent, in some places, you are being watched everywhere you go.

Biometric technology is making it possible to identify you by facial recognition, retina scanning, voice and many other ways.

Physical money is being pushed out of the picture, with many countries switching more and more to electronic payments. Payments which can easily be tracked, monitored and controlled.

Privacy Threats are everywhere, however there is a silver lining..

There are technologies which are helping us to become freer.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain may usher in a new decentralized future away from the monopoly of big tech & governments. It is changing finance as we speak..

Anti-Snooping technology like secure browsers, messaging apps, VPN services, TOR and others are helping tech savvy people to mitigate much of the privacy risks with browsing or communicating online.