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You can fill in the form below to send us a post, story or tip. Assuming you meet our requirements, we’ll publish it promptly. We’re interested in all coins, cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech, so if your content is related to the sector, we’re eager to hear what you have to say.


  • This service is not for marketing materials. If you want to market your brand, then please consider publishing a press release or visiting our¬†advertising page.
  • We will only consider well-written articles from English speaking authors.
  • Reference links to other websites within the content are fine, but please do not add marketing links.
  • The content must be unique and not posted elsewhere before or after submission.
  • If modifications are required, we may contact you using the e-mail address you use for submission.
  • If you would like us to set up an “Author Profile” for your content, then please include details in the “Additional Comments” box and provide a link to your chosen profile picture. Author profiles will be created at our discretion.
  • Posts are chosen for publication at our discretion.
  • Please choose a high quality featured image for your post if you have one you would like to use. You must own the rights to use this image.


If you have a tip and not a full story, please send it in for consideration. Please note that we cannot publish based on speculation, but should you have legitimate information and wish to remain anonymous, that’s fine by us.

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