Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Bitcoin Gaming

Bitcoin and gaming have a long history together. There are some clues that even Satoshi had a background in poker.

In March 2010 poker was the first casino game to enter the bitcoin world. With a poker tournament held where the buy in and prize were in Bitcoin. This was the first such record of a Bitcoin poker tournament. The buy in was 50 BTC and the winner took home 1000 BTC, which at the time was close to worthless in USD terms.

BTC soon became a valuable transfer of value for poker players and many of the earliest bitcoin adopters and fans were poker players.

For pure bitcoin gambling though, Bitcoin would start with Dice. Satoshi Dice founded in 2012 was a p2p blockchain based betting system started by Eric Voorhess who would later go on to launch Shapeshift and other Blockchain based services.

Nowadays the sky’s the limit when it comes to Bitcoin and other cryptos and online gambling.

It is one of the fastest growing industries within crypto. More and more people are using the bitcoin they own to play in crypto casinos online.

And it allows people in many geographic locations which restrict gambling and limit their ability to fund gambling accounts to get around those barriers.

We have written extensive guides on the best Bitcoin online casinos, Bitcoin sports betting etc. As well as detailed reviews of individual online casinos and sportsbooks. Browse this section if you wish to learn more about bitcoin and crypto gaming.