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[blokt] was founded in 2017 by Greg Adams, a crypto enthusiast, with a background in security, web journalism, media and marketing. After building an extensive list of contacts in the blockchain space, Greg put together a team that would later become essential to [blokt]'s success.

Whether you are interested in blockchain, security, or any of the various cryptocurrencies, we have content that will keep you informed, safe, and guide you through the complex processes involved in using cryptocurrencies.

Our news section features breaking stories from the crypto world, and thanks to our proprietary TrendSpotter software, our editorial team has access to potential scoops and story opportunities before they hit the news.

We strive to provide excellent professional and ethical standards of reporting, as our editorial policy explains:

“We endeavor to deliver unbiased, timely news to our readership. We focus on bringing you objective reporting and demand high standards from our journalists, who adhere to our strict editorial guidelines. Journalists at [blokt] receive one-to-one training to ensure they meet these high professional and ethical standards.”


As members of the cryptocurrency community, many problems became apparent to us when searching for news and information about blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies. We set out to solve these problems, and our mission statement reflects this fact:

  1. Provide the news without bias

Many cryptocurrency news websites have incentives for publishing positive or negative stories about a specific brand, product or cryptocurrency. We are an independent publisher, have a strict no-payment policy and will not accept any form of payment for publishing news. Any advertisements on other sections of our site are clearly marked as such.

Biases can lead to the failure to address real issues within particular cryptocurrency and blockchain projects, and problems which face the blockchain landscape as a whole. These failures can be costly to investors. Our writers and journalists are not afraid to tackle issues, red flags and potential scams in their reporting, as can be seen in the following examples:

So far, CREDITS has yet to provide even ordinary evidence (testnet speed tests are hardly evidence). Until CREDITS can prove its claims, skepticism should be the default.

why is so much slippage needed to fill an order on Okex, when they are supposedly one of the highest-ranking exchanges for volume?

The following equation can summarize the major red flags that were raised regarding the initial planned token sale.
Massive Hype + Dutch Auction + Time Constrained Discounts + No Hardcap + Team Keeping Majority of Tokens = Cash Grab and Immediate Dump?

  1. Timely reporting with exceptional standards

In the blockchain sector, everything moves fast, and we understand the need to get information to our readership as quickly as possible. That is why we created our proprietary TrendSpotter software, which, using sophisticated technology and algorithms, detects potential scoops and story opportunities and sends them to our editorial team before they hit the news. We aim to investigate and report on all important developments in the space.

Here are some examples of our exclusive stories, coverage and interviews we've been first to break:

Each member of our editorial team is expected to consistently meet the high standards we set out in our editorial guidelines. They receive one-to-one training to ensure they have a perfect understanding of our process and guidance documentation.

Our journalists write using the inverted pyramid style so our readers can quickly take the most important information away from an article and decide for themselves whether they wish to continue reading. They also have access to a premium database of sources where they can obtain exclusive quotes and commentary from experts for their stories.

  1. Globally inclusive

Four members of our team are based in our office in Thonglor, Bangkok. All four are expats with a passion for travel, adventure, and meeting new interesting people. As globetrotters, we've met wonderful people in all corners of the globe. We don't just hire journalists and writers from our location; we employ freelance journalists from over ten countries across the world, and from multiple backgrounds, not just the cryptocurrency scene. The only necessity is that they can meet our high standards of reporting.

We love to attend and cover conferences all over the world, and you'll find members of our team at many. We have partnerships with Blockchain Economic Forum, Blockercon, Blockchain International Show, Futuretech Expo and Malta Blockchain Summit.

  1. All the tools you could possibly need, in one place

It can be a pain having to check coin prices, ICO performance, the price at the last all-time-high and various other metrics, on individual sites. That’s why we’re creating multiple tools which will be available to our users on [blokt], free of charge. No more site hopping. Ilya Novickov, our full stack developer, is responsible for our tools section, which is currently in alpha and due for release this summer.

  1. Non-intrusive Advertising

Many blockchain resources are littered with ads and popups which are intrusive for the user and slow down the browsing experience. We keep our ads to a minimum and ensure that any advertising is marked clearly and therefore distinguishable from our original content.


Blokt is a word-play on blocked. It’s short, catchy and memorable.


verb, past tense | ˈbläkt

Definition of blokt: 
1. to publish blockchain content (news stories, interviews, reviews) to exceptional standards: she blokt the perfect article



Greg Adams
Managing Director & Editor

Managing Director, Editor, Proprietor & avid crypto-enthusiast. Greg is the founder of [blokt] and was the original editor responsible for building the team of journalists we have today.

Greg specializes in crypto-security and sees himself as accountable for ensuring our readership, both new and experienced cryptocurrency users, stay safe and maintain high standards of personal security and OPSEC.

Greg has broken many security-based news stories before any other publication, including the Parity Vulnerability story in November 2017, and the Bee Token Hack story in January 2018. Greg's industry commentary has been published on investing.com, capital.com, and express.co.uk.

Contact Details:
  • Tel: +1 (800) 823-2456 Ext. 102
  • Email: greg.adams@blokt.com
  • Office: 205/21 Thong Lo, Sukhumvit 55, Klong Tan Nuea, 10110 Bangkok, Thailand
  • Full Bio
Ilya Novickov
Full Stack Developer

Boasting more than a decade's experience with Python and vast experience with various frontend and backend solutions, Ilya is our full stack dev. He quickly became a Geth wizard to marry blockchain with existing tech and is responsible for the development and upkeep of our various tools, including our proprietary "story opportunity" software used by our journalists.

Contact Details:

Darren Brazer
Managing Editor

Managing Editor, Tech Journalist, and Financial Market Analyst. Darren has over four years of experience as a market commentator and two as a journalist. As Darren's experience in the blockchain industry has grown, so has his ability to spot stories, build industry contacts, and maintain a factually accurate standard of reporting.

Darren started at [blokt] as a journalist, and due to his incredible attention to detail, he progressed to an Editor position. This was followed shortly after by his promotion to the Managing Editor position. He is responsible for maintaining our editorial process and guidelines for journalists, and for ensuring our editorial policy demands high professional and ethical standards from our writers.

Darren has previously held positions at investopedia.com, ics-digital.com, and icmarkets.com.

Contact Details:
  • Tel: +1 (800) 823-2456 Ext. 103
  • Email: darren.brazer@blokt.com
  • Office: 205/21 Thong Lo, Sukhumvit 55, Klong Tan Nuea, 10110 Bangkok, Thailand
Edward Lock
Business Relationship Manager

An easy going professional with a passion for blockchain. Edward is the Business Relationship Manager and deals with sales, partnerships and related inquiries. He is always happy to spend time with clients.

Contact Details:

  • Tel: +1 (800) 823-2456 Ext. 105
  • Email: edward.lock@blokt.com
  • Office: 205/21 Thong Lo, Sukhumvit 55, Klong Tan Nuea, 10110 Bangkok, Thailand
Pete Banham

Pete is our part-time Editor based in London, UK. His work and commentary have been published to a vast list of publications including theregister.co.uk, computerweekly.com, itpro.co.uk, digitalhealthage.com, cbronline.com, globalsecuritymag.fr and many more.

Pete has a keen interest in blockchain, social engineering, and cybersecurity. Over the years, as a security professional and technology journalist, he has built up an extensive list of qualifications including certifications from Scrum, Microsoft, APMG and many others.

Contact Details:


John Lee Quigley

John is the founder of boutique blockchain consulting and content strategy firm Adaptive Analysis.

Contact Details:

Viraj Shah

A journalist and trader who enjoys writing, technical analysis and consulting. Viraj has been investing in stocks for more than eight years and involved in cryptocurrencies for over a year.

Viraj aims to share his knowledge on markets and cryptocurrencies in a clear, concise way.

Contact Details:

Williams Mugwagwa

Williams is a fintech journalist with a passion for blockchain technology and its revolutionary applications in finance. He also has a special interest in global politics and economics.

After studying Chemical Engineering, he became a freelance journalist and research analyst and has never looked back. He has written content for several blockchain firms and his work has been published on many crypto news publications.

Contact Details:

Ian Lee

Ian Lee is a freelance journalist specializing in the areas of business, finance, and economics. He also has over five years of experience in investment banking.

Ian holds a bachelor's degree in finance, and his work has been published on an extensive list of publications including cryptocurrencynews.com, lifehack.org, downtofive.com, fintechfans.com, iragoldadvisor.com, microsmallcap.com and streetsignals.com.

Contact Details:

  • Tel: +1 (800) 823-2456 Ext. 109
  • Email: ian.lee@blokt.com
  • Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Cindy Huynh

An enthusiastic financial journalist, content creator, and digital marketer. Cindy is currently a digital nomad with a background in edtech and martech.

She previously studied business commerce and is a co-founder of the startup "Content Craft." Cindy's work has been published on coinsquare.io, ccn.com, and cryptonomos.com.

Contact Details:

Shilpa Lama

Shilpa is a management graduate and a network engineer who is deeply passionate about blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. She has been associated with several leading science & tech publications throughout her career as a journalist and columnist.

Full-time foodie, semi-skilled musician, wannabe novelist.

Contact Details:

Mark Alcala

Mark Jason Alcala is a journalist who is passionate about cryptocurrency, technology, and manga. He holds a BS Physics degree but decided to pursue a banking career that lasted for almost two decades. Recently retired, he is now rediscovering his passion for writing and has written for various publications such as the Inquisitr, Yibada, GamenGuide, MoviewNewsGuide, and Blasting News.

Infinitely curious and inquisitive, Mark has written articles that cover a diverse range of topics such as science, health, business, gadgets, games, manga, anime, tv, celebrities, and politics. After learning a bit about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology behind them, he is now hooked on these digital assets and their potential to uplift everyone’s quality of life.

Contact Details:

Glenn Brown

Glenn is an avid blockchain and crypto geek, and cloud product guy with a particular interest in data archiving, compliance and eDiscovery. He is also a freelance writer and consultant, and is passionate about technology that challenges the status quo.

His expert commentary and previous work has been featured in various online publications including scmagazineuk.com, cbronline.com, eweek.com, theregister.co.uk and more.

Contact Details:

Nick Tsakanikas

Nick has an academic background in business and a solid knowledge of Information Technology and financial markets.

He believes that blockchain technology is the most significant advancement of the century and he is aiming to bring more people closer to cryptocurrencies.

Contact Details:

Malek Mezni

A tech journalist and crypto market analyst, Malek is also a double Master's Degree holder, his most recent one being from a US Top College in Petroleum Engineering.

Malek worked as an Engineer for a Major E&P and started showing interest in cryptocurrencies a year ago, impressed by the huge potential of both the concept and the technology underlying it.

Contact Details:


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