Another Parity Multi-Sig Vulnerability Discovered

Owners of Parity multi-sig wallets are currently, and perhaps permanently, unable to move their funds.

The Parity Wallet, a popular Ethereum and ERC20 wallet from Parity Technologies, has yet another vulnerability with its multi-sig contact.

Parity announced the following on Twitter:

The tweets and their security alert posted to their blog imply that all owners of Parity multi-sig wallets are currently unable to move their funds. There is no suggestion of if and when a fix will be made available.

This is not the first time Parity has had issues with its multi-sig wallet. On 19th July 2017, a malicious user successfully exploited the multi-sig contract that was in place at the time and stole  $32 million worth of Ether, mainly from ICO multi-sig wallets.

The news will leave users hesitant to use Parity in the future, being the second serious vulnerability exploited during the last few months.

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