Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Privacy Tools

If you are a avid reader of Blokt you will know where we stand on modern day privacy threats. We believe them to be a product of technological change.

Nowadays it is nearly impossible to stay anonymous. You are being tracked while you surf the web, use your phone, make an internet payment, drive your car and even while walking down the street.

But if you are determined, you can still protect a lot of your private data by using some of the great privacy tools which we recommend in this section.

Examples include:

  • VPN services – One of the best and most cost effective privacy tools you can get. It really is a must have for everyone. We have some great guides on how to setup a VPN, best VPN protocols, TOR vs VPN and more..
  • Ad Blockers – Ads are not only intrusive and annoying, but some can contain malware. They also use cookies, clicks and other data to track you.
  • Tor – If you want to access the darkweb, you need to understand how to use the TOR browser.
  • 2FATwo factor Authentication is a powerful tool to protect your accounts (Email, crypto exchange accounts, hosting etc.)