Bitsgap, the Multi-Exchange Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Blokt caught up with Max Kalmykov, CEO at Bitsgap, who have built a multi-exchange platform that can unify your crypto trading.

For traders who regularly use multiple exchanges, keeping track of open positions and market fluctuations can be a daunting task, requiring a high level of diligence to monitor all of their positions.

But what if there was a single platform where users could track their portfolios and make trades on multiple exchanges, without having to switch tabs?

Blokt caught up with Max Kalmykov, CEO at Bitsgap, who are building exactly that, to find out how their platform will unify crypto trading.

What is Bitsgap?

Bitsgap is a trading terminal which gives access to multiple crypto exchanges within one unified interface. Users can trade, monitor, and evaluate their portfolio from one single platform, secured via an API connection.

The Bitsgap team has extensive experience in both trading and blockchain technology; and Bitsgap has developed one of the most secure and unified platforms, providing maximum protection for users, and the best trading experience.

Remarking on their ability to deliver the best experience for Bitsgap users, Kalmykov shares:

“We are confident about delivering a highly efficient service to our users, and we will continuously update our system based on user’s experience and requirements of the ever-expanding pool of crypto traders around the world.”

Why was Bitsgap Founded?

Although every exchange provides a unique experience to traders, Bitsgap felt it was more beneficial to aggregate the best features within one platform.

Kalmykov explained:

“Bitsgap combines the best exchange features together in one platform. Users don’t need to decide which exchange has the best utilities. Instead, they can set their preferences and connect all their accounts to Bitsgap.”

Additionally, Bitsgap offers a unique suite of features, including semi-automatic arbitrage, portfolio tracking, market anomaly detector, and trading windows. As a result, traders can tailor their trading strategy using Bitsgap’s platform to an extent which wouldn’t have previously been possible.

Bitsgap’s Trading Tools

Bitsgap has created multiple complex trading tools, including a portfolio service which provides live data of orders, for tracking multiple open positions on numerous exchanges; a profit and loss tracker across traders entire positions; and capabilities to follow entire portfolio performance through simplified graphs. Additionally, traders can track the performance of their assets over customizable time periods.

Bitsgap supports over 10,000 trading pairs on more than 25 cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, Bitfinex, Kraken, and Coinbase Pro. There’s no limit to the number of trading pairs accessible on Bitsgap, enabling full exchange coverage.

Arbitrage Capabilities

One of Bitsgap’s most attractive features is unparalleled access to arbitrage opportunities, the process of exploiting price differences between exchanges to make a profit.

Kalmykov shared:

“Our platform and AI is capable of identifying and analyzing more than 20,000 arbitrage opportunities in just a couple of milliseconds within supported exchanges.”

The primary challenge of profiting from arbitrage in cryptocurrency trading is the time taken to transfer funds from exchange ‘A’ to exchange ‘B,’ during which time the arbitrage opportunity may disappear.

Instead, Bitsgap executes both sell and buy orders simultaneously on each exchange without the need for transfer. Traders just need to ensure they have crypto and fiat on the respective exchanges, and then simply execute the orders via Bitsgap with one click.

Plan Types

The Bitsgap platform is for both beginner and advanced traders, with a number of subscription plans tailored for all trading abilities. Each subscription package offers different services and monthly trading limits.

The Bitsgap standard plan provides most features, except for arbitrage, which is only available for advanced and pro plan users. For high volume traders who need unlimited trading or unified API’s, then the Bitsgap pro plan is the best option.

Discussing the cross-section of users Bitsgap serve, Kalmykov says:

“Our goal was to create an intuitive and optimized interface for effective trading decisions. Every user will find the necessary features needed for daily trading and exploring more detailed trading data, which can’t be found elsewhere.”

User Security

As a trading platform, Bitsgap provides strong security guarantees for traders, with all actions on the Bitsgap platform performed using traders API keys.

Sharing Bitsgap’s security procedures, Kalmykov explains:

“Bitsgap always put security first. Our users can be sure that their funds and orders are secure, with no unauthorized access to their Bitsgap account. We achieve this through both user account protection and encryption, and strong security protocols for our own infrastructure.”

User account access is protected via a secure login, with unknown devices required to authorize via email. Likewise, failed login attempts result in account and API temporary lockouts, and users can opt to use 2FA to access their account.

API key settings are defined by users, and Bitsgap only requires access to users trade history, balance view, and trading capabilities. Additionally, API keys are never stored or displayed by Bitsgap in an unencrypted format. Bitsgap uses encrypted delivery which securely delivers user’s API to the Bitsgap server.

Future Platform Development

The Bitsgap team is continuously upgrading the platform, and among other improvements, it has recently increased the platform speed by a huge 250%.

Discussing the remainder of 2019, Kalmykov says:

“We have grand plans for 2019. Users can expect the release of a new interface, arbitrage page rework, a mobile version, improved signals, order automation, new portfolio, and new tools for algo trading.”

Blokt thanks Max Kalmykov and the Bitsgap team for sharing their expertise with us.

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