USDQ Operating Token Is on the Way

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    A new stablecoin USDQ will enter the crypto arena as early as April. This operating token is developed by Platinum, the recognized leader in consulting, promotion, and fundraising. The fundamental advantages of USDQ will be its decentralization and transparency. The coin is designed to provide traders and merchants with more options in the market that is notable for its high volatility.

    Digital money has already gained huge popularity and firmly penetrated into daily life thanks to low fees, high security, an absence of intermediaries, and fast transactions. Nevertheless, market volatility is a big problem that prevents virtual assets from conquering the planet. Stablecoins are called upon to resolve this issue.

    Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that are pegged to other assets (for example, US dollars, precious metals, etc.). They play a role of the bridge between fiat money and digital funds. When a token is backed by any assets, this allows reducing the volatility and making the token a stable means of exchange.

    USDQ will be a decentralized, self-regulating stablecoin backed by Bitcoin, which distinguish it from other stablecoins backed by fiat assets, such as Tether, Gemini, and others. This feature will allow USDQ to maintain stability in the secondary market and ensure transparency. Users can freely trade and use USDQ tokens like any other cryptos, store them in the wallets, and exchange them without any third parties. No government or authority will be able to control or shut them down.

    There are two ways to acquire USDQ tokens. The Platinum team intends to list USDQ on several cryptocurrency exchanges at the price of USD 1. The stablecoin will firstly be available on the following well-known trading platforms: BTCNext, CoinBene, BitForex, CoinAll, and BTCAlfa. Traders will get a handy instrument that allows them to settle bargains and make profit at the fixed prices.

    In addition to the exchanges, users will be able to get USDQ through the smart contract. For this purpose, customers should go to the Platinum website and take a credit by leaving the Bitcoin collateral. According to the product roadmap there will be other cryptocurrencies as a collateral in future. When the system receives the collateral, it’ll send USDQ tokens to the borrower. When the borrower decides to take away the collateral, he/she should use the website again. Users’ Bitcoins will be kept in the BTC asset control system while the BTC wallet private keys will be stored separately.

    The Platinum specialists created the scanner service that will help users manage their funds and monitor all the transactions. Besides, the neuron network-based system will analyze crypto news, charts, prices, and other indicators in order to predict whether the exchange rates of the pledged assets will grow or fall.  The system is able to grow and develop that will make predictions more accurate.

    “Our goal is to provide merchants and traders with a stable and transparent instrument that will allow them to forget about fluctuating prices and risks of volatility. We’d like to expand the economic opportunities and give an equal access to the crypto world to everyone regardless of his/her geographic location or income level. We are confident that our USDQ will make its contribution to the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies,” the Platinum team stated.

    With USDQ and neuron networks developed by the Platinum engineers, people will get a chance to manage the market and take the most considered decisions. Customers and vendors won’t need to worry about fluctuating exchange rates and prices. They will be able to benefit from every advantage that stablecoins bring to the table: stability, transparency, and effectiveness.

    About Platinum

    Platinum is an international consulting, promotion, and fundraising company with a goal to foster innovations in the digital economy. The team has extensive experience in marketing and PR, management, consulting, programming, cyber-security, education, legal advisory, and many more. The company’s mission is to make people’s lives better and facilitate economic growth by developing cutting-edge products that provide trustworthy, safe, and seamless access to any virtual assets.

    To learn more about Platinum and its services, visit the official website.

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