Crypto Terminal Releases Its A.I Driven Real Time Intelligent News and Data Platform for Digital Assets

Crypto Terminal uses artificial intelligence (A.I.) to uncover key crypto news, enabling traders to make smarter trades and stay one step ahead in the market.

In the hyper-connected world of the 21st century, market-moving news is often disseminated via increasingly unstructured channels, including blogs, social media, chat rooms, and other 24/7 news outlets.

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The growing prevalence of unstructured data has made it more challenging than ever for traders to track and determine news which could affect their holdings, and despite greater access to information, it’s even harder for traders to know when and how to act.

Now, cryptocurrency traders and investors have the opportunity to gain unparalleled access to the most comprehensive sources of blockchain news, via real-time market intelligence platform Crypto Terminal.

The Crypto Terminal platform leverages artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning technology to deliver a carefully curated news feed, which provides advanced data analytics and market insight to every skill level of crypto trader and investor.

The Crypto Terminal Platform

Founded in 2018 by expert traders Jeremy Adler and Diego Czul, Crypto Terminal was born from a need to deliver real-time, noise-free news to the nascent and sentiment driven blockchain markets.

By deploying the latest advancements in A.I., machine learning, natural language processing and neural networks, Crypto Terminal mine data from a huge variety of primary sources, to aggregate and analyze news and events which have the potential to move markets.

In a recent press release, CTO Diego Czul voiced Crypto Terminal’s excitement to be bringing a platform to market which finally provides the essential trading tools for everyday crypto traders, delivering real-time news which could have macro-level impacts on the crypto markets.

The Crypto Terminal platform utilizes intelligent algorithms to continuously learn from the data it aggregates, delivering only the most relevant news to traders via a fully customizable interface, offering one of the most seamless market insight feeds in the industry.

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Monitor, Inform, Execute

Specifically, the Crypto Terminal interface has been built around the proprietary M.I.E technology stack, which stands for monitor, inform and execute, allowing traders to make better and faster trading decisions. So, how does this technology work?


Traders can only be as good as the news they receive and need to know when the best opportunities arise. Crypto Terminal’s real-time news feed populates in milliseconds, and only shows traders the most relevant news.

Crypto Terminal achieves this by using machine learning and proprietary algorithms to perform statistical analysis on important keywords and separate out market-moving news. Likewise, Crypto Terminal uses natural language processing, which determines the context of news headlines and their sources.

Lastly, using A.I. and neural networks, the data is sorted and rated according to its importance. Crypto Terminal’s ‘garbage detector’ A.I. removes useless information while ranking important data according to context.


Users of the platform can easily create personalized watchlists, with customizable assets and associated news, SMS and email news updates.

Crypto Terminal’s smart alerting system delivers news in real time, empowering investors to act fast on curated data, instead of the unstructured and fragmented data available to their peers.

Through the alerting system, Crypto Terminal users will receive powerful insight across a range of messaging platforms, so they can make informed trading decisions even while they’re on the move.

The screenshot below shows the real-time charting of the recent Tether & Bitfinex lawsuit news on Crypto Terminal. This alerting feature enables traders to capitalize on lucrative news-based trading opportunities like this.

Screen Shot cryptoterminal
Real-time charting of the recent Tether & Bitfinex lawsuit news on Crypto Terminal


As the Crypto Terminal platform grows in functionality, traders will be able to make use of a low latency API trading engine, which will allow trading on multiple crypto exchanges all from within the Crypto Terminal interface.

This will further enhance traders abilities to make fast decisions on market-making news, as they won’t have to leave the Crypto Terminal platform to execute trades.


Crypto Terminal has a multitude of advanced user interface widgets which combine to make it one of the most powerful tools in a crypto traders arsenal. Users can choose which widgets to display in their interface for a fully customizable experience.


Unlike traditional platforms which would require users to switch back and forth between tabs and windows to track an assets chart, the Crypto Terminal platform provides access to charting features within the interface. Charts are pulled from TradingView, ensuring they are up to date and accurate.

This feature enables seamless switching between charts and other widgets in the interface and allows users to stay within Crypto Terminal.

Block Orders

Traders will also find a widget which displays inflows and outflows of capital to their chosen asset. This enables traders to correlate large buyers vs. sellers to give a greater sense of where the biggest crypto traders are placing their orders.

Price Quotes

Traders no longer need to head to external sites to check the price of an asset. The price quotes widget within the Crypto Terminal interface delivers live price quotes for any cryptographic assets, alongside valuable time frame data, daily highs and lows, volume and the last traded price.

Trending Topics

The trending topics widget displays the top 25 most trending topics in a range of time intervals from 6 hours, all the way to 3 months. Likewise, users can click into specific trending topics and see the leading news sources which this data has been derived from.

Crypto Terminal focus on the macro trends in the crypto markets to identify wider sentiment and rolling events which could potentially create large shifts to the upside or downside.

Volatility Alerts

Another core widget which Crypto Terminal offers its users is a volatility alert tracker, which monitors volatility in a given asset across multiple exchanges, and helps users predict potential large price swings before they happen.

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Applications and Strategic Relationships

While Crypto Terminal has been built initially for the crypto markets, where 24/7 trading is sentiment driven and requires up-to-date news, the Crypto Terminal team believe that its solution can be applied to all markets where unstructured data is present.

These include stock markets, foreign exchange, futures and more. Likewise, Crypto Terminal’s proprietary technology is highly likely to offer an advantageous trading experience to retail traders and investors, all the way through to accredited investors, family offices and hedge fund managers.

To this end, Crypto Terminal has already secured several strategic relationships with market-leading research and educational firms, portfolio management companies, and banking providers for the digital asset economy, and will grow strategically into new markets.

Getting Started on Crypto Terminal

Traders looking to get started on Crypto Terminal can make a professional account, with a free 14-day trial, and a generous monthly pricing plan. Likewise, enterprise users who wish to incorporate Crypto Terminal’s advanced API solutions can get in touch to arrange a meeting.

A Better Trading Experience

As the crypto markets mature, traders who leverage the power of A.I. driven services like Crypto Trader will be able to stay one step ahead of the market and make consistently better-informed trades without sifting through unstructured news sources.

Likewise, Crypto Terminal’s all-in-one solution lets users streamline their trading experience, and operate without distraction in their own purpose-built, customizable user interface – saving time and filtering through the market noise.

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