It could be difficult for blockchain and cryptocurrency companies to explain their ideas and concepts to the general public. Inability to put their thoughts into words properly could have serious consequences for a project. The IOTA Foundation has understood this need and is adding a new technical writer to its team. The role has been given to S. D. Nelson, who will be using his mastery in words to explain IOTA’s technology to everyone.

Who Is S. D. Nelson?

Nelson holds a bachelor’s in business and a master’s in computer science, which provides him a sound academic foundation to understand blockchain technology. His curiosity to speak with different people motivated him to learn Chinese and improve his grasp on Spanish. With his experience owning a software validation business in California, he was able to contribute to the NASA Space Shuttle and the Curiosity Mars Rover.

Nelson backs the idea of zero-cost transactions in the Internet of Things space and believes that “future space missions may launch with IOTA.”

In a blog post, he expressed his excitement on joining the team saying:

“I am enthusiastic about supporting the IOTA vision for fueling efficient machine-to-machine (M2M) transactions. IOTA may be the missing link that encourages harmonious interoperability among the Internet of Things.”

IOTA’s Focus on Communication

In the blog, IOTA pointed toward its growing team of communicators, which would be essential as the platform matures. Before Nelson, IOTA hired Cara Harbor as the new director of communication for the IOTA Foundation. The former Adobe, LinkedIn, Cisco, and HP employee will develop the Foundation’s internal and external communication strategy and help in dispersing relevant information to IOTA stakeholders.

IOTA is growing its Smart City initiative quickly. It has a nod from the EU to start working on its lighthouse Smart City project. The Foundation has hired TMT sector veteran and former Verizon, Nokia, and Huawei employee Mark Nixon to head the Smart City project. As the initiative grows, IOTA will need a clear and competent communication strategy and quality talent to implement the same.

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