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Bytecoin (BCN)

The first private untraceable cryptocurrency


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Bytecoin is an open, decentralized cryptocurrency, protecting privacy with untraceable and anonymous transactions. It is not a Bitcoin fork as some believe, but is the first cryptocurrency to use the CryptoNote technology. Bytecoin is not susceptible to the 51% attack and is thought by some to be far more secure than bitcoin and almost all other digital currencies.

Hype and Reach

Bytecoin (BCN) boasts a superb reach, with an exceptional social following. The project has great hype, with plenty of buzz on social media websites involving the project.

Community Trust/Red Flags

The community trust score concerning the project quite good, stipulating that there may be some concerns, but that they are probably past problems of no real current relevance.


Bytecoin (BCN) is not transparent regarding commercial operations, which could be observed as a red flag in particular cases. It does not have a privacy policy, legal disclaimer or contact information accessible to evaluate on its website.


The project doesn’t have the backing of any VC organizations, other institutions or notable backers. This might suggest that the project is higher risk.

Product Completion

The completion score for the project is good, suggesting that the final product/mainnet has been released successfully.


Taking all metrics into mind, this project has a relatively poor final score. There are likely risks involved in investing in this project. Scores in each area should be investigated individually to ensure any red flags are investigated.

All prospective investors are advised to study the Bytecoin (BCN) whitepaper, which is available to view here.


Hype Algorithm
Reach Algorithm
Product Completion
Contact Info / Privacy Policy
VC Backing
Community Trust

MetricsParsed: 09/17/2018 22:34:05

Alexa Rank:141,426
Ahrefs Domain Rank:58
Google Mentions:21,900
Whitepaper Word Count:7,871
Telegram Subscribers:13,201
Twitter Followers:44,527
Github Stars:426
Github Contributors:5
Github Forks:6,050
Github Commits:28


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