Botcoin Aims to Create a Flatter and More Profitable World

Bottr has seamlessly brought cryptocurrency and chatbots together to create a new kind of social economy

The phrase “the world is flat” has been used so many times it has become a cliché, but there is still a lot of truth to the axiom. The world has indeed become flatter and more connected in recent years, with the emergence of social media and its ability to create communities where once there were only disconnected individuals.

The need for social connection is an age-old human necessity, but technology is changing the way we connect with one another. In some ways, these are positive signs, but traditional social media has its limitations.

Now a company, known as Bottr, is trying to make the world of social connection not only more intuitive but potentially profitable as well, with their new product, Botcoin. We talked to the executive team at Bottr:

“With Bottr we’re on a mission to un-chain the world through a smart socio-economic operating system. Bottr is a chat bot platform with native cryptocurrency Botcoin that makes life simple and rewards you for doing what your love.”

This focus on smart social communication, combined with the creation of a brand new platform, promises to change the world in many different ways.

Chatbots have been around for some time now, and many people have already become comfortable with them. While not even the most advanced chatbots have passed the Turing test, these tiny bits of code are great at everything from making airline reservations to handling routine customer service inquiries.

Now Bottr is harnessing the power of the chatbot and using it in a whole new way. As the company puts it:

“A personal chat bot not only connects you with anyone and allows you to manage things that matter – from one place – but also lets you earn for your time and valuable social contributions through Botcoin, a native micro-payment friendly method.”

This consolidation is a big plus for Bottr, and the team hopes to use this is a differentiating factor. While there is competition in this space, the folks at Bottr feel that their platform is unique and that customers will flock to see what their chatbot concept has to offer.

The staff at Bottr seem to be off to a good start already. They point out, for instance, that there are already more than 15,000 chat bots on the platform, with many more to come. And since Bottr is an end-user first application, it is designed to be both useful and responsive.

A distinguishing characteristic of Bottr is Botcoin, its cryptocurrency angle. The market for Bitcoin may have cooled off, but the cryptocurrency market, and the underlying blockchain technology are still going strong.

By building in a cryptocurrency angle with Botcoin, Bottr hopes to attract even more users – and reward them for things they are doing already. The team explained:

“Bottr has seamlessly brought cryptocurrency and chat bots together to create a new kind of knowledge/content/services based social economy. From messaging/bots perspective only Telegram so far intends to do something similar as per their whitepaper but those are just speculations and at least a year away. As an end-user friendly cryptocurrency, Botcoin is one of the very few micro-transaction tokens that offers clear utility value and fairly rewards social contributions through proof of value approach. Botchain, our version of blockchain, is completely invisible to the end user.”

The idea behind Bottr and it’s cryptocurrency, Botcoin, has been designed from the ground up with the end user in mind. Like many other chat bot platforms, Bottr seeks to harness the power, and the wisdom, of the crowd, so solve stubborn problems. But unlike those competing chatbot platforms, Bottr is trying to do something different.

Instead of merely solving problems and providing a user-friendly platform, the cryptocurrency angle is designed to offer real rewards to the user base, which should in turn foster loyalty and help the company succeed. The world may indeed be flat and getting flatter, but people still have an inherent need to communicate and engage with one another. The executive team at Bottr hope to facilitate that communication and provide real value for their customers.

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