IOTA Foundation announced November 1, 2018, that it is building a new documentation portal to make all relevant information about the IOTA ecosystem — from basic overviews to highly specific technical details — in a unified and easily accessible platform.

Per the announcement, a dedicated IOTA Foundation team has already started working on the new portal, which will be designed and developed from scratch. The Foundation urged the global IOTA community to chip in and make the planned documentation portal functional at the earliest possible.

Why a New Portal?

IOTA already has a documentation site that serves as a knowledge hub for anybody interested in the technology and its derivatives. However, with increasing popularity, the IOTA ecosystem is also growing rapidly, rendering the current site incapable of catering to the growing demands from the community, said Jakub Cech, product owner at IOTA Foundation.

With the limitation of the current website in mind, Cech added, the Foundation has decided to build a new site from scratch that will be more up to date and comprehensive in nature. As a starting point, the Foundation is re-assessing the tools it requires to meet users’ expectations for “great documentation.”

Cech continued:

“In addition to making all the relevant information findable, we also want to make learning about IOTA and building on top of our ecosystem a great experience.”

What to Expect From the New Documentation Portal

The end goal is to build a comprehensive portal that serves as a go-to destination for anyone seeking to learn about IOTA — whether it be basics such as “What IOTA is all about,” or advanced technical details that an experienced IRI node operator or someone interested in IOTA client libraries could use.

According to Cech, the new portal will better serve the community on all fronts. It will list content in such a way that they become more easily searchable. For developers, it will enable improve learning while allowing them to conveniently run code examples.

Users will also be guided through important scenarios based on their requirements and to make things even more efficient; the new portal will allow “versioning for different parts of the ecosystem.”

A touch of familiarity will remain as the overall look and feel of the new documentation portal will remain the same as the rest of the IOTA ecosystem.

IOTA Foundation is seeking help from the community in two ways — volunteers can chip in by providing new ideas and feedback, and/or by writing content as and when needed.

“If you have feedback for the current documentation, have specific ideas on mind, or know of content that is missing, please open a new suggestion on our Nolt or vote for existing suggestions.”

Meanwhile, those interested in writing content for the new documentation portal can refer to the contribution guidelines and be on the lookout for the “help wanted” label on IOTA’s GitHub issues.

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