One thing that distinguishes the antivirus millionaire and prominent cryptocurrency voice John McAfee from others is that he never stops peddling his agenda. With over 800,000 followers on Twitter, a spotted past, and a bid to become US president in the making, the cybersecurity expert and one of the staunchest crypto bulls is back to making price predictions again. This time, he believes that the recent Bitcoin price increase of over $1,000 could be the beginning of another series of green candles in price charts.

What Did McAfee Say?

In a recent tweet, McAfee noted:

“Bitcoin – $1,000 increase in one week. Is this the bull market? I have no clue. 10 such increases in succession and I will consider it Bull. In the meantime, know this: The Bull Market IS coming. And when it does, it will make the eruption of Krakatoa seem like a Meerkat’s burp.”

There is no denying that his bullish sentiments know no bounds when it comes to Bitcoin. Last year, he predicted that Bitcoin prices would go up to $5,000 mark by December and $500,000 by 2020. Prices went beyond $20,000, surprising everyone.

Later, he asked investors to hold on to their digital assets. In November, right before the massive surge in prices left everyone scratching their heads, he tweeted to his followers that prices could reach $1 million by the end of 2020, saying he would “eat his d**k if wrong.”

He also believes that fiat will be devalued, as cryptocurrencies become stronger.

Can We Trust McAfee’s Advice?

He has been arrested in the past, has an extravagant and borderline eccentric lifestyle and claims to have charged over $100,000 for endorsing ICOs and other crypto businesses on his Twitter account.

However, all these considerations do not stand their ground when it comes to his influence on the crypto space. The techie knows what he is talking about when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

Other Bitcoin bulls also have some outrageous numbers. But they, at the moment, fail when compared to the extrapolation standards set by McAfee. For instance, the Winklevoss Twins predict that Bitcoin’s value could be 30 to 40 times as high as it is today in the next two decades. Tim Draper and Roger Ver believe Bitcoin’s value could go up to $250,000, barely a fourth of what McAfee predicts.

Several other bulls believe that the valuations will stay put around $100,000.

Presently, McAfee is busy in promoting BitFi wallet on his Twitter account.

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