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The deal comes with the patronage of the Slate Entertainment Group, the firm behind the SLATE (SLX) blockchain network. The film is expected to debut on Binge, the first blockchain video-on-demand platform, on March 2019

As The Name Suggests, Bitcoin Isn’t the Main Character

The documentary plans on focusing their attention on everything else besides Bitcoin. Two altcoins that have been associated with the documentary prominently are DASH and LISK.

It was also reported that the movie would tackle the ICO-fever, the role of regulators and the separation of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.  The feature was initially announced on February 5, with the promise to cover to go ‘Beyond Bitcoin’.

Three Crypto Prominent Figures Will Lead the Narrative

The movie will follow the paths of three key figures in the crypto world — Ryan Radloff, a crypto financier, Perianne Boring, a blockchain diplomat, and Roger Ver, the controversial anarcho-capitalist. The feature follows their individual paths for a year, as they push for decentralizing and redefining money and power.

Ryan Radloff is currently CoinShares UK’s CEO; a company focused on providing fit-for-purpose crypto investments. The firm plans on “continue a track-record of ‘firsts,'” and has a team of ex-employees from JP Morgan, State Street, and Lehman Brothers.

Perianne Boring is currently an Adjunct Professor on Blockchain at Georgetown University McDonough School of Business. She is also the Founder and President of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, a Washington DC-based trade association dedicated to supporting the usage and acceptance of blockchain technology.

Roger Ver is a prominent name in the crypto world, being one of the earliest investors on Bitcoin. He’s still heavily involved in it, and claims “Bitcoin is the most important invention in the history of the world since the internet.”

British Crew Behind The Ambitious Project

‘Beyond Bitcoin’ is directed by Jake Witzenfeld, a British director, and produced by Fulwell 73, James Corden’s production company. Witzenfeld has previously directed one other documentary and an episode of the TV show ‘Confess.’

Corden’s Fulwell 73 is responsible for producing his wildly famous ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’, as well as ‘One Direction 3D: This is Us’ and ‘I Am Bolt’.

Fulwell 73’s Co-Founder Leo Pearlman felt optimistic about Slate’s involvement, saying:

“As a company, we are always looking for new and innovative distribution platforms, new ways to reach and engage with our audience and for the ideal partners for our content. Binge is the perfect fit for our film and is the natural place for viewers to find and engage with this content.”

Pearlman believes Binge brings new tools to the world of filmmaking, adding:

“The excitement for us as content creators is that they offer unprecedented transparency, cutting-edge analytics, and guaranteed payment terms, all of which empower producers like ourselves and offer a very different distribution option than those currently on the market.”

SEG CEO Michael Moyal, who was also present, echoed Pearlman’s sentiment:

“We are thrilled to have ‘Beyond Bitcoin’ on the Binge platform. The film provides an objective look at the potential for blockchain to disrupt numerous industries including entertainment. We at SEG share the filmmakers’ conviction that blockchain technology will help to facilitate our goal of adding fairness and accountability to the production and distribution of documentaries, feature films and series.”

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