For many years, football and baseball fans have had their fantasy leagues. These superfans work hard to put the perfect team together, creating a combination of positions and hoping to make it big week after week.

Now investors have their chance to join in the fun. Thanks to a new company with the apt name of FundFantasy, users can now compete for and test their investment acumen on an exciting platform. For those who think investing is not exciting, the executive team at FundFantasy puts it this way:

“FundFantasy is a provably-fair Daily Fantasy Trading (DFT) Platform where users compete for prizes by crafting the ultimate portfolio. FundFantasy is issuing it’s very own ERC-20 token, called “FundToken”, or “FUNDZ”, in a public token sale ending on March 25th, 2018. The token is a functional utility token to be used on the FundFantasy platform, which itself is based on blockchain technology to ensure fairness and transparency.”

Since it is built on the popular blockchain technology that underlies the cryptocurrency market, FundFantasy should appeal to both traditional investors and to fans of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other alternative forms of payment. The founders of FundFantasy have been working hard to create a compelling new platform for cryptocurrency fans, investors and anyone else who is ready to play. By providing real-world prizes for fantasy investments, FundFantasy hopes to capture the excitement of fantasy sports, albeit with a cryptocurrency twist.

As the executive team at FundFantasy puts it:

“Our founders have been working on developing FundFantasy for over 2 years now. The current version is available on”

The commitment to constant upgrades and ongoing development is an integral part of the FundFantasy story and a key responsibility of its management team. The development process has been a long one, but the team at FundFantasy is confident that their idea is ready for real-world testing in the marketplace.

Already the executive team at FundFantasy has been garnering attention and making strategic partnerships. The early success of this concept is evident, as the members of the FundFantasy executive team explain:

“We have recently partnered up with Coinomi, the popular security-first multi-currency Android wallet app. Coinomi’s CEO and Founder, George Kimionis, has also joined our advisory board to assist in making FundFantasy a reality, and have even invested in our project.”

The mobile-friendly nature of the FundFantasy project and its integration with popular cryptocurrencies cannot be overstated, and it is a crucial part of what could make FundFantasy a big success.

The team at FundFantasy understands that the world they are entering is already a competitive one, but they believe that their project has advantages over those earlier competitors. These advantages may put the FundFantasy project ahead:

“There are a few important differentiation points, but it’s important to note that we don’t have any direct competitors (yet). We are the first ones to combine the fantasy model with financial speculation, and we are the first to make it happen with smart contracts, instead of “black boxing”, which effectively means the user has to blindly trust the platform’s administrators to maintain fairness, and often times, be disappointed.”

The team is quick to point out their differentiating factors, and how those advantages put them ahead. Another thing that sets FundFantasy apart from the competition is that it is provably fair. You may remember the trading scandals that have plagued the financial industry, and how those scandals have eroded the trust of buyers and sellers. By providing a provably fair platform, FundFantasy hopes to change all that by recapturing the trust of its members and user base.

By allowing users to compete with one another instead of trying to beat the market, FundFantasy aims to level the playing field. By offering high payouts with limited exposure to risk, the team at FundFantasy also hopes to get the attention of more and more users.

By tokenizing the ecosystem, FundFantasy seeks to create a better platform, one with key advantages. FundFantasy is creating a financially oriented platform, one engineered from the ground up, based on smart contracts and blockchain technology. In this way, FundFantasy hopes to bring the transparency and security of the blockchain to the exciting world of Daily Fantasy Trading.

The cryptocurrency market is growing up, and growing fast. Businesses like FundFantasy are already making an impact, and the increased interest in cryptocurrency could pave the way for great success.

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