StrongVPN Review: Secure, No Logs VPN, but Some Drawbacks

StrongVPN offers robust security, no logging, and access to Netflix content. However, there are some drawbacks to the service, which we outline in this review.

You may not expect to find a trendy tech company in Lake Tahoe, but that’s where you will find Strong Technology LLC. This company has called Lake Tahoe home since 2005. That makes StrongVPN one of the longest-running VPN services we’ve ever seen.

StrongVPN Review
StrongVPN Review

With all that experience, does that mean that StrongVPN provides a better service than the competition?

There are a lot of great features that come along with this VPNs long history, let’s take a look at what puts StrongVPN on the map.

Understanding StrongVPN

StrongVPN is your fast and easy solution for navigating a truly open internet.
StrongVPN is your fast and easy solution for navigating a truly open internet.

On its website, StrongVPN states that you can hide your IP address and remain anonymous online. It also claims to provide online privacy you can trust because it does not track, store, or sell your data.

This VPN is compatible with Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and Google Chrome. In its help center, it also provides users with instructions on how to set up StrongVPN with a router. The service is also compatible with Tor for extra anonymity.

Benefits of StrongVPN

Overall, if we look at StrongVPN’s security features, it offers industry standard encryption, protocols, and a kill switch. So far, everything checks out thoroughly with StrongVPN. Here are the characteristics that stand out most to us:

Benefits of StrongVPN
Benefits of StrongVPN
  • 688 servers in 26 countries
  • Allows up to 12 simultaneous connections
  • Built-in kill-switch app
  • Stream Netflix
  • No logging
  • It allows torrenting, but hasn’t made out best VPN’s for torrenting list

StrongVPN Pricing

StrongVPN currently offers a monthly plan and a one year plan which are priced cheaper than the equivalent plans offered by the industry leaders ExpressVPN and NordVPN. However, StrongVPN does not offer a 3-year plan, which is where many VPN services offer the biggest discounts.

Price Range of StrongVPN - Source:
Price Range of StrongVPN – Source:

Here is a more detailed look at the StrongVPN pricing model:

  • One month – $10 per month
  • One year – $5.83 per month/$69.99 billed yearly

Each option comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Payment can be made by using a debit/credit card, Paypal, or Alipay. We did not find an option to pay using cryptocurrency.

StrongVPN pricing
StrongVPN pricing
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What We Like About StrongVPN

StrongVPN has a lot of features worth mentioning. The service does a great job at providing top of the line security along with some other bonuses to keep everyone happy. Here are the greatest pros of this VPN.

Netflix Works

One of the most in-demand features of a VPN is its compatibility with Netflix. The streaming service has been working for years to stop VPNs and proxies from working their way around its geo-restrictions.

Netflix Works StrongVPN - Source:
Netflix Works StrongVPN – Source:

We were surprised to see that Netflix works when using StrongVPN. During our research, we also found users stating that Netflix ran exceptionally well with no buffering or delay.

Some gamers also like using this service, but we have found that other VPN’s are faster for that, see our best vpns for gaming list for more info.

Great Encryption

With everything being online these days, its amazing how much information and data we leave out there in the open for anyone to see. For surveillance purposes, advertising, or malicious acts, there are numerous reasons why ISPs, governments, corporations, and hackers would want to track your online activity and harvest your data. You don’t realize that until you actually think about it.

Regardless of your intentions when using a VPN, it’s imperative that you choose one that will provide security and protect your privacy online.

Great Encryption StrongVPN - Source:
Great Encryption StrongVPN – Source:

StrongVPN uses 256-bit encryption, which is the industry standard. It uses that with all best protocols like OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IKEv2, and SSTP.

These are the same encryption procedures used by the CIA and FBI. If nothing else, know that with StrongVPN, your data is safe.

No Logging

We’re always skeptical anytime we see a no logging policy because we have seen so many of them that were downright lies. Many services claim to have a no logging policy, but in reality, they will store your information and sell it to the highest bidder.

The biggest issue for us is that StrongVPN is located in the USA. Even if they don’t want to give up your information, they may be compelled to.

No logging policy StrongVPN - Source:
No logging policy StrongVPN – Source:

According to StrongVPNs privacy policy, it collects your email, payment method, name, and billing address.

What We Dislike About StrongVPN

While StrongVPN has a lot of great features and security, there are some negative points worth mentioning. During our research, we found a few small issues that may change your opinion of StrongVPN.


We all know that speed is always an issue with VPNs, and we don’t usually mention it in the con section, but with this one, we needed to. We read that StrongVPN’s speeds used to be much worse, but we still think they are quite slow.

Slow-speed StrongVPN - Source:
Slow-speed StrongVPN – Source:

We experienced download speeds as low as 9.78 Mbps in the EU and 20.10 Mbps in Asia. Speeds this bad could render the service almost useless.

Difficult to Use

From the second we landed on its website, we anticipated the VPN would be hard to understand, even for experienced users. The layout and design don’t make sense, and it’s hard to know where to go.

Difficult to Use StrongVPN - Source:
Difficult to Use StrongVPN – Source:

Either way, we found the UI to be frustrating and unresponsive. The difficult to use application is the worst feature of this VPN.

Our Verdict

StrongVPN has a lot going for it. You get Netflix, secure encryption, and a VPN that you can trust. Its price is high when you consider the performance and ease of use, but it’s also not a deal breaker.

Our Verdict - StrongVPN - Source:
Our Verdict – StrongVPN – Source:

If you are unsure if StrongVPN is the right choice for you, consider checking out some of our other VPN reviews.

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