Zoog VPN Review [2020 Updated] Good Value, But Is It Safe?

Zoog VPN offers a lot at an extremely competitive price. In this detailed review, we explain why this VPN service could be a great choice for you in 2019.

Zoog Services Ltd. founded Zoog VPN six years ago in the UK. The service makes a lot of claims, such as being lightning fast and incredibly secure. As we all know, every VPN service says the same thing, so we wanted to put Zoog to the test to see if it can stack up against some of the heavy hitters in this realm.

Zoog VPN Review
Zoog VPN Review

From the outside looking in, Zoog displays confidence and power. When you look at its website, you see the term “military-grade” encryption. We feel like you can put military-grade in front of anything to make it sound stronger. Does it make a difference here?

Let’s break down Zoog VPN and find out!

Understanding Zoog VPN

To start, Zoog makes the claims that its service is blazing fast and allows you access to Netflix. It also claims that it keeps zero logs, has its own DNS servers, and allows safe torrenting across five devices simultaneously.

Understanding Zoog VPN
Understanding Zoog VPN

Zoog supports OpenVPN TCP/UDP, L2TP/IPSec, and PPTP & IKEv2 protocol for ultimate internet privacy and protection.

The service works on all major devices, including PC, Mac, Linux, iPhone, and Android. Zoog currently has 100 servers in 40 different locations across 25 countries. While this might not be the largest number of servers we’ve seen, it’s still impressive when you factor in the cost of this VPN.

Zoog offers servers in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Asia, Israel, and Africa.

Stand Out Features of Zoog VPN

Here are a few features that define Zoog VPN:

Stand Out Features of Zoog VPN
Stand Out Features of Zoog VPN
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Dedicated servers for fast download speeds
  • No DNS leaks
  • 256-bit encryption for paid service
  • Both free and paid option
  • Works across multiple devices

Zoog VPN Pricing Structure

Something we like about Zoog is that it offers a free plan for people looking to try out the service. It also offers a seven-day money back guarantee if you want to upgrade to the paid version.

We recommend using the paid version because it offers a lot more security and options than the free one.

Zoog VPN Pricing Structure
Zoog VPN Pricing Structure

Its free plan only allows you to access servers in New York, Amsterdam, and London. You are also only allowed about two gigs of data transfer. It also does not guarantee any speed with the free account; just its “best effort.”

Once you upgrade to a paid plan, you gain access to the full selection of servers and the full 256-bit encryption. With the free plan, you only get 128-bit, which is enough for some but not for most.

The cheapest plan is the two years that comes out to $1.25 per month if you pay $29.99 for the full two years. That is one of the cheapest VPN plans we have ever seen, making it an extremely good value for money option.

Available for all your Devices - Zoog VPN
Available for all your Devices – Zoog VPN

Here’s a breakdown of the pricing:

  • Free - limited to 3 VPN locations, one device, 2GB bandwidth, 128-bit encryption, limited content
  • 2 yr./1.25 mo. - 38+ VPN locations, 5 devices, unlimited bandwidth, 256-bit encryption, full content

If you don’t want to pay for the full two years, it also offers a $3.33 per month for six months plan and a $6.99 for one month plan.

What We Like About Zoog VPN

There is a lot to like about Zoog. Overall, it’s a strong service that gives a lot to its customers at a low cost. Let’s take a look at where it succeeds.

What We Like About Zoog VPN
What We Like About Zoog VPN

Strong Encryption

Security and privacy are the reasons everyone looks for a VPN. If you use the paid plan, you get AES-256, which is the best of the best. So, as we said before if you want to make sure you are secure, you want to get the paid plan.

Torrenting is Allowed

Zoog has some servers that allow torrenting and some that don’t. Luckily, it describes this clearly by providing a P2P icon next to the servers that allow torrenting. We believe this will only work for the paid version as well.

Our Awesome VPN Features
Zoog Awesome VPN Features

Above Average Speed

Zoog claims to have lightning fast download speeds (like every other VPN) but does it really? Based on our research, here are the results we have:

  • US: 82 Mbps download speed
  • EU: 99 Mbps download speed
  • Asia: 52 Mbps download speed

These speeds might not be the fastest, but they are certainly not the slowest. As with most VPN services, it depends on the server you are using. However, our top recommended VPN's are usually very fast overall, see our best vpn list.

No Logging

Zoog VPN states right off the bat that it does not keep logs. According to its privacy policy, it keeps some information, including your email and data transfer, which is not a big deal.

Live Chat

Something fantastic about Zoog is the addition of Live Chat support which stands out amongst other VPNs that take 24-48 hours to get back to you. Having a live chat allows Zoog to solve compromising issues in real time.

What We Dislike About Zoog VPN

It’s not all sunshine and roses, every VPN has its issues, and Zoog is not exempt. Let’s take a look.

What We Dislike About Zoog VPN
What We Dislike About Zoog VPN
  • Kill-switch on Mac only – The kill-switch is there if your system goes down. You never know when you might lose connection so having a kill-switch zaps your internet connection, so you are not left open. This VPN only offers a kill-switch on Mac.
  • Difficult to use the app – The app is not the easiest to use, and it isn’t the quickest to load either. Most apps are simple and require one or two clicks to connect to a server, Zoog requires you to go through as many as four steps to get on a server.

Our Verdict

The most important thing about a VPN is its security and protection. Zoog offers top-notch encryption, and you cannot beat its pricing. If you are worried about your privacy online, then connecting to a Zoog server should make you feel a lot safer.

Our Verdict - Source: Shutterstock.com
Our Verdict - Source: Shutterstock.com

Its speeds are average, but there are plenty of servers to hop around on.

The only real downsides to this VPN is the Mac only kill-switch and the uncertainty regarding whether or not it logs information. Overall, we do not recommend this VPN as there are just way better choices out there. Why not try Nordvpn, Expressvpn or Cyberghost instead.

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