Vereign announced on December 4 the launch of its blockchain-based solution beta version. Vereign’s plugin aims to transform email authentication and identity management, by utilizing the benefits of the distributed ledger technology to deliver a wide range of features.

Vereign Utilizes the Full Potential of the Distributed Ledger Technology

The Swiss-based Vereign has designed a self-sovereign identity blockchain solution which addresses efficiently the vulnerabilities that have been plaguing email clients, associated with malware and scams. It follows strict KYC guidelines based on the Swiss banking standards to allow users to safely store their identity data using cryptography. Therefore, they can only transmit the information they choose, while they can also define their own levels on information that would be shared with different groups of contacts.

Vereign signs emails digitally and therefore can get through spam filters at a higher rate, which makes the solution suitable for enterprise-grade applications. Additionally, digital signatures enable users to sign and send authenticated and verified documents. It can notify users once it identifies fraud with suspicious sender alerts and uses a single sign-on which doesn’t require usernames, passwords, or key management.

The blockchain keeps a record of an immutable transaction history, on which users can find an eternal log of messages, recipient identities, and delivery receipts.

Georg Greve, Co-Founder, and Chairman of Vereign stated:

I strongly believe in the viral power of Vereign. Email is one of the most powerful tools given to us by the age of technology, and our mission is to greatly enhance it with the advanced solutions available today.” stated Georg Greve, Co-Founder, and Chairman of Vereign.

Vereign Plugin Enhances Security on the Existing Email Clients

Email is being used by 3.8 billion people worldwide which lays it as the most important medium for business communication. However, as the vast majority of cyber-attacks is conducted via emails, Vereign’s solution provides a protected channel of communication between senders and recipients.

Vereign empowers users with full control of their personal data and offers unique usability. Its beta version is currently available on Gmail, while integrations with Roundcube and LibreOffice are soon expected.

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