The Bitcoin Loophole Review [2020 Update] – Is This Just Another Scam?

The Bitcoin Loophole casts itself as a game-changing Bitcoin trading robot that guarantees huge returns. The website is brimming with quotes and figures about the success of the company and early adopters. In particular, it points to ultra-successful bitcoin billionaire Steve McKay, the designer of the software.

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Big Promises and Superstar Endorsements

By using the software he designed, the website tells us, he’s become wildly rich and spends his time “traveling the world, partying and plotting the future of money.” The Bitcoin Loophole also promotes endorsements from Peter “Dragon” Jones, one of the top investors in Britain. Finally, Bitcoin Loophole promises you a guaranteed $13,000 return within 24 hours if you rush to join beta testing. The software achieves these returns by using advanced algorithms to detect pricing trends and maximize profits, which Bitcoin Loophole then reinvests before repeating the process.

These are all impressive credentials and tantalizing promises; how could anyone let $13,000 pass you by? But none of it means anything if they’re not true or if the software doesn’t work. This is why our team of investing experts has downloaded and exhaustively tested the software to see if it’s all it claims to be. Additionally, we’ve gone ahead and researched the lofty claims that stand behind Bitcoin Loophole. Is Bitcoin Loophole an amazing software that’s going to revolutionize the stock market, or is it a scam that’s aiming to trick you out of your savings? In this review we will find out.

The Verdict

Unfortunately, it seems certain to us that Bitcoin Loophole is a scam. While there are many articles claiming that it’s successful, these only serve to obfuscate the truth and make it difficult to find the hard information that proves it.

Big Endorsements and Billionaire Backing?

One of the biggest selling points behind Bitcoin Loophole is the number of big endorsements that it’s collected. However, these fall apart on further examination. Peter “Dragon” Jones went out of his way to refute the claim he endorsed the software on his official Twitter account, @DragonJones. He responded to inquiries about his support for the software, saying:

“It’s a complete SCAM & my legal team are on it now.”

The other major backer is Steve McKay, the creator of the software. However, a Google search for Steve McKay suggests to Steve Mckay, a famous American saxophonist. There are no reputable sources corroborating that Steve McKay actually exists, and the pictures of him that Bitcoin Loophole posts are reversed stock photos.

Advanced Trading Software?

The final nail in the coffin is the actual quality of the software. Falsehoods about successful backers and successful early adopters don’t necessarily prove that the software doesn’t work. However, trying to use it does.

Unless you deposit money at their “recommended broker”, then the “advanced algorithm” of Bitcoin Loophole is clearly just a random number generator. There’s information about the asset that the “algorithm” is measuring, the trade you can make, pricing trends, and the “confidence” the algorithm holds in making a trade.

However, all of this information does not amount to much or tell you anything about the underlying trade strategy you’re supposed to pursue. If you carefully watch the stock markets alongside Bitcoin Loophole, then you’ll find that the numbers that the software provides do not actually correlate with the real changes on the stock market.

Avoid This Scam

Making $13,000 in a day really sounds too good to be true: unfortunately, it is. Steer clear of Bitcoin Loophole and stick with reputable traders. Other scams like this are the Bitcoin code, the News Spy, Bitcoin Profit among many we have come across online.

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