AirVPN Review [2020]: Good Choice For Torrenting

AirVPN, a VPN service operated by hacktivists and activists, does an excellent job of protecting its user's privacy and fighting censorship. We take a close look at AirVPN's core features in this detailed review.

If you are searching for a VPN, you are likely concerned about reliability, privacy, and performance. The people at AirVPN call themselves “hacktivists” and they vow to ensure your privacy is secure at all times.

AirVPN Review
AirVPN Review

AirVPN is actually quite a good VPN service, and we rank it 5th in our best VPN’s for torrenting list. If you are really privacy focused and don’t want a VPN logging your behavior then this may be the VPN for you.

AirVPN at a Glance

AirVPN was initially as a small project started by Italian activists in 2010. Originally, AirVPN was free, but the owners realized that they needed to start charging to make the product financially sustainable.

AirVPN at a Glance
AirVPN at a Glance

Today, the service operates more than 200 servers in 35 data centers across 20 different countries.

The software utilizes OpenVPN under the code name Eddie, and it creates connections between your device and its servers. With AirVPN, you can connect up to five devices, and it works with Windows, Linux, MacOS, Iphone, and Android devices.

One advantage of AirVPN is that it rapidly reconnects your devices when you switch between Wi-Fi networks, router connections, or to mobile from desktop. During this process, it ensures you will not experience any DNS leaking.

Download or configure
Download or configure

This service provides forward secrecy, so it refreshes its 4096bit Hemman keys on an hourly basis, so they are always up-to-date. AirVPN also makes use of AES-256 cipher which features SHA-1 HMAC authentication for every data channel. With these features, the software boasts enormous protection against all web threats, including hackers and logjam.

AirVPN Pricing

One downside of AirVPN is that it does not offer a free trial option like many other VPN services. However, due to the high level of security, you don’t need to worry much about testing it ahead of time. The prices are continually fluctuating so they could change by a dollar or two by the time you are reading this.

AirVPN Pricing
AirVPN Pricing

The current prices are:

  • Three days: $2.26
  • One month: $7.91
  • Three months: $16.95
  • Six months: $32.77
  • One year: $44.30
  • Two years: $71.42
  • Three years: $89.50
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What We Like About AirVPN

There is a lot to like about AirVPN, and when you stack it up against the competition, it appears that the service matches or exceeds most of its competitors. Here’s what we like most about AirVPN.

What We Like About AirVPN
What We Like About AirVPN

“Hacktivist” Level Encryption

If you wanted protection from hackers and malicious attacks, who could you want on your side more than the hackers themselves?

AirVPN understands protocols and encryption, and that is why it offers all the right stuff and more when it comes to protecting your browsing. It uses OpenVPN, which is the standard among VPNs.

“Hacktivist” Level Encryption - Source:
“Hacktivist” Level Encryption – Source:

In addition to that, it uses advanced AES encryption, which can withstand hacks that utilize even the most advanced technology. The number one thing to understand about AirVPN is; you don’t have to worry about security.

Absolutely No Logging

There is nothing worse than a VPN that betrays your trust and sells your personal information and data. Many VPNs will say that they don’t store your information, but when you read the fine print, you find out otherwise.

We dove deep into the privacy policy of AirVPN and what we found is promising.

Their privacy policy states :

“Users do not need to enter any personal data to access Air services. Users may optionally provide their email addresses to receive a courtesy email about technical support.”
AirVPN Team,
AirVPN Team

It goes on to say that it only stores these emails in Air servers for assistance purposes and never sends them to any third parties. We would still suggest that you use an alternate email separate from your primary one if you need support but overall, we feel that AirVPN does a great job at providing an anonymous service.

VPN, Netflix, and Chill

There was a time when using a VPN allowed you access to location-based content on Netflix. However, Netflix discovered this and started to block VPNs from accessing the content, and it became incredibly difficult to get around.

VPN, Netflix, and Chill - Source:
VPN, Netflix, and Chill – Source:

But, guess what?

AirVPN works with Netflix, and it has a community forum to keep you up to date on any changes as well as servers that are currently working with Netflix.

See our guide on the best vpns for Netflix for more options that work well with Netflix.

Mild Speed Loss

We found that AirVPN ranks somewhere in the middle in terms of its effect on speed. During our research, many people state that the amount of speed loss you experience depends on the location of your server.

AirVPN is not one of the fastest in the world, but you won’t want to bang your head off the desk like with some of the slowest VPNs.

What We Dislike About AirVPN

Although we love AirVPN for its hacker level security, there are some downsides worth keeping in mind.

What We Dislike About AirVPN
What We Dislike About AirVPN

Location, Location, Location

Since the service is in Italy, this makes it part of the 14 eyes surveillance alliance, which requires transparency between Italy and 13 other nations. What this means is, the Italian government could force AirVPN to turn over any information they have with countries like:

Location - Source:
Location – Source:
  • The United States
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • France
  • Norway
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • And more

The reason this isn’t such a big deal is that AirVPN isn’t keeping any of your information (as long as it is honest). If it is logging your info that could quickly become a disaster.

Not Enough Servers

AirVPN provides 237 servers located in 20 different countries. While this isn’t the worst we’ve seen, it is certainly not the best. When you stack AirVPN up against companies like ExpressVPN and its thousands of servers in each city in the world, you wonder if AirVPN has enough.

However, AirVPN does support its users by providing constant updates and information about which servers are currently working and which ones are running the fastest.

Final Verdict

The primary purpose of a VPN is to keep your data and web browsing safe and secure. If you are looking for a no-frills service that guarantees your safety, then AirVPN seems like a solid choice.

Final Verdict - Source:
Final Verdict – Source:

The service does not log your information, it has expert level encryption from real hackers, and it quickly reconnects you when jumping from networks or devices without leaking.

In addition to next-level security, you also get a VPN that is compatible with Netflix streaming. There is the obvious concern of AirVPNs location, but as long as it is not storing information like it says it is not, there is no need to worry.

We like Airvpn and we recommend it as our Number 5th best choice for torrenting, but it still doesn’t make our best vpn list. There are just too many better VPN’s now and it make the top list you really need to stand out.

Truthfully, there are not many negative things we can say about AirVPN. If security is your top priority, give the service a try.

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