What is On.Live?

On.Live are aiming to become the leading platform for the advising market, as well as a marketplace for live broadcasts and computing power. Anyone will be able to set up a channel and start selling their skills, advice, and services on OnLive.

The OnLive platform will use blockchain technology to create a completely decentralized peer-to-peer network with an economy driven by ONL tokens. This set-up will cut out unnecessary intermediaries, enabling content creators to keep more of what they earn while also keeping prices more affordable for consumers.

Users will have the flexibility to choose various business models and options for earning money including pay per minute, pay per view, in-stream payments, subscription plans, advertising and tips/donations.

A reputation system will enable reviews and recommendations of OnLive participants. This will ensure those who offer quality services will attract more clients while those who are seeking services will be aware of any unscrupulous performers.

There will also be two methods of verification. The first is a point rating system for channels which can be obtained once the owners provide validating information, which will become visible to prospective customers. The second method is for select users that require a license to operate such as doctors and lawyers.

One platform, three marketplaces

  1. Live Services – Those with knowledge and skills in many industries such as medical, weight loss, job seeking, fitness, financial advice, languages, insurance, education, law, etc. will be able to sell their services to those who need them. OnLive will enable scheduling of live broadcasts, HD quality broadcasting in real time, chat and dedicated offers and convenient billing.
  2. Live Broadcasts – Service providers will be able to deliver live broadcasts in HD to an unlimited number of viewers. Billing can be done using pay-per-minute and pay-per-view models. Use case examples include workshops, conferences, sports, practical tutorials, music, eLearning, charity, TV, SVOD, wellbeing, etc.
  3. Transcoding and Relay Node – OnLive network users will be able to make money by utilizing their computing power for transcoding and relay operations thanks to the decentralized marketplace of transcoding and relay nodes services. The possibility of confirming transactions when transmitting video streams is opened by the OnLive transaction protocol inducted into live streams.

Market analysis

The OnLive whitepaper provides in-depth analysis of the market they will be operating in. Some of the key points include:

  • Improved video quality, broadband speeds and mobile tech driving user-generated content.
  • Online video a key part of strategic business models for brands and marketing.
  • 88% of agency respondents stated that in the next six months they “might” or “definitely will” invest in live stream video.
  • 82% of all internet traffic is expected to be from video streaming by 2020.
  • Digital video ad revenue in the U.S. was $7.8 billion in 2015, up 55% from 2014.
  • Global video streaming market for live services was valued at $30.9 billion in 2015 and expected to grow to $123.2 billion in 2024.

On.Live Team & Founders

onlive founders
On.Live Founders – Chris Rybka & Anna Rybka-Krysiak. Source: On.Live

Founder – Chris Rybka

Chris has over 17 years of experience in the IT and telecommunication industries. He has worked on a national and international scale, on either the board of directors or supervisory board with over 30 different companies.

Co-Founder Anna Rybka-Krysiak

Anna has a Master’s Degree in IT (Information Technology) and is an experienced professional manager. She also has multiple certifications including ITILv3 Foundation, PRINCE2 (2009) Foundation & Practitioner, MS Project 2013 and Project Management Professional (PMP).

The OnLive team also includes blockchain experts & developers, coders, Android/iOS experts, UX experts, software developers, finance management professionals and a legal counsel.

ONL Token

The ONL tokens are ERC20 tokens supported on the Ethereum network. ONL tokens will be the only currency on the OnLive platform and therefore the only way to pay for services or content.

There will be a system of bonuses and awards in place on the OnLive platform that rewards participants with ONL tokens for various actions. These actions include resolving disputes, writing feedback, voting for a new category, affiliate marketing, and bounty marketing.

The maximum supply of ONL tokens will be 111 million, with no additional tokens to be minted or mined in the future. ONL tokens will be divisible to 18 decimal places, and holders will be able to trade them on independent exchanges like other cryptocurrencies freely.

Token distribution

  • 55% – ICO
  • 11% – Pre ICO
  • 11% – ONL Wallet (reserve)
  • 11% – Founders (Lock)
  • 6% – Bounty Marketing
  • 5% – Advisors
  • 1% – Legal Insurance

ONL Token Sale

  • Public ICO: 11th March to 11th April 2018
  • Tokens available in ICO: 61,050,000
  • ICO hard cap: 100,000 ETH
  • Minimum investment: 0.1 ETH
  • Payable with: ETH or debit/credit card & bank transfer via VLOAD
  • Unsold tokens will be burnt.

Use of funds raised

  • 3% – CAPEX
  • 36% – Marketing
  • 11% – Loyalty program
  • 42% – Recurring Costs of Service (RCS) teams.
  • 6% – Board & administrative team.
  • 2% – Other costs
onlive use of proceeds
On.Live – Use of Proceeds. Source: On.Live

Thoughts on On.Live

On.Live is looking to revolutionize the remote consultations and video broadcast markets. I love the idea of being able to set-up a channel to offer consultation and services in your area of expertise while receiving payment in tradable ONL tokens without expensive middlemen. Reputations will be earned by providing quality services, and anonymity will be available for those who may feel embarrassed about the help they need, all enabled by the blockchain. The success of OnLive will depend on the growth of its users and the quality of content producers. However, I certainly feel they are doing a lot to attract both.

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